Enterprising stavropolchanka won unemployment

 Photo source:stavropolye.tv

The federal program to combat unemployment this year is over. Its outcome was the 5000 300 newly minted entrepreneurs. They, in turn, have employed a thousand unemployed.

Elena Ribkina, going with his family in the village of Don Trunovskogo area, did not think it would be an entrepreneur. They bought a house in the suburbs, the dimensionless garden, a river — at hand: a paradise for the utility industry.

 Photo source:stavropolye.tv

 Photo source:stavropolye.tv

But the work book bear no place. When Helen went to the exchange, she was asked to open your own

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New Year’s Fair

In Dnepropetrovsk, the square it. Lenina 27, 28 and 29 December from 8:00 to15: 00 New Year's Fair will be held at the prices of commodity producers

In the first 11 months of 2012, the Dnipropetrovsk increased its food production over the same period of the previous year, including increased production of meat products by 1.7%, butter — by 60.4%, cereals — by 52.7%, fat cheese — by 45%, flour — by 13.8%, vegetable oil — by 9.2% .

As the chairman of the regional state administration, Dmitry Kolesnikov, the Dnipropetrovsk region will continue the practice of

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Do I need Iveco in Russia?

Italian armored vehicles may prove worthless toy

Sudden and rapidly evolving "romance" of the Ministry of Defence with a wheeled armored vehicles of Italian unification Iveco c outset as a surprise for many. Apparently, the original "spring" acts that led to the unprecedented scale of the penetration of Western companies in the Russian defense market and even outright at significant scale, the public will know more later.

Now it makes sense to try to assess the practical value of wheeled armored vehicles Iveco production for the needs of, leaving aside questions about the need to import Western-made armored vehicles.


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Do we need to imported weapons? (Poll)

One of the main reasons for numerous disputes in recent years have become weapons purchases abroad. For a variety of circumstances, Russian Defense Ministry has shown interest in the development in the field of foreign weapons and military equipment, which in some cases led to the conclusion of supply contracts. Already at the stage of negotiating these agreements caused a lot of criticism and controversy. In these discussions, it was suggested a lot of arguments, but in general, they can all be summarized in a few lines.

First, let's examine the history of purchases. Until that time, the introduction of

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Essentials on vacation

A man on vacation is necessary to:

— Two bottles of vodka for the first time;

— Two box of matches (one match and salt in the other matches and raspberry for fishing);

— A certificate of exemption.

A woman must-take:

— Skirt-sail and pumps;

-shoulders (and then there will be the wrong size);

— Vodorodika peroxide (discolor hairs and whiskers);

— A handful of native powder;

— Cream with a baffle effect, exfoliating cream (and suddenly something prishelushitsya?), A cream from constipation;

— Flesh-colored band-aid (to stick on

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In Bashkortostan, introduced emergency mode for locusts. Video


6.07.11.K pest control have started four districts Bashkortostana.Pervym regime introduced Haybullinskogo disaster area. Then chemical treatment began on the fields Kuyurgazinskogo, Kugarchinskogo and Baimak areas. Now on an enhanced battle locusts transform into Zianchurinskom and Zilair areas.

Recall that the chemical methods to combat this pest begin to apply when the number of insects than economic threshold — is 10-15 single individuals per square meter. To date, spraying was carried out on 60 thousand hectares. Specialists are to be treated with another 50 thousand. While farmland damaged by locusts in the republic.

Nail Baynazarov

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan"

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Azerbaijan threatens locust invasion


7.07.11.Selskoe economy — an important component in the well being of many countries. Successful or not successful for agriculture will be a year, depending on many factors, first and foremost, of course, the weather.

In that case, if ever it rains, or, alternatively, a drought, a good harvest can be expected. But there is another factor that can have a negative impact on the agricultural land — is "volatile factor", namely locusts. According to the newspaper "The Mirror", these insects have a notorious reputation for centuries, and the mention of them can be found in the Bible. Grasshoppers, locusts

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Locusts in Khakassia above normal


Photo from: photosight.ru

Khakassia, 06 July 2011, 13:08 — In all areas of Khakassia observed excess economic threshold of locusts. Thus, of the 44 178 hectares of land surveyed in 31,210 hectares of this threshold is exceeded.

Populated rangeland grasshoppers, hay fields are marked raid crops. But in ryazryad natural disaster is not yet passed — Republic meets head-on element.

As BelTA news agency "Khakassia" deputy head of the branch FGOU "Rosselhoztsentr" in Khakassia Julia Loginova, "as a result of protective measures chemically processed 21,303 hectares Khakassian land. The fight against the invasion will be effective if the

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The U.S. Army will receive «Iron Man Suit»

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) of the U.S. Army began collecting information on the potential creation of wearable armor for soldiers, which almost everyone would be like Man of Steel suit developed character comics Marvel Comics Anthony Stark. Lenta.ru writes citing the newspaper The Los Angeles Times, to create a working model of modern armor planned had spent less than 12 months.   It is clear that the intention of his own to create a suit for SOCOM said American company Revision Military, founded by former captain Brian Dowling riot policemen and, Raytheon and British BAE Systems. Brand new armor for

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Locusts infested 100 hectares in the Astrakhan region


Astrakhan. July 7. INTERFAX.RU — Astrakhan region treated with chemicals against insects over half of infected grasshoppers.

"The area of infection is greater than 100 hectares. Processed about 55 hectares, "- said Thursday the agency" Interfax-South "Agriculture Minister Ivan Nesterenko Astrakhan region.

He noted that the locusts do not harm the region's economy.

"In the north of no threat. On the south, where it is impossible to work on water (spray chemicals over ponds smoking — IF), working on the land. No damage. Most grasshoppers focused in the reeds (reeds can not mow, as a number of birds nesting

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