On a number of farms Bashkiria locusts attacked


18.06.11.Srazu of several farms Haybullinskogo district of the Republic received information about the appearance of locusts. In place of the departed members of the Special Commission established by the Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Deputy Minister Vladimir Neznanova.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, the situation in Bashkortostan associated with invasion of dangerous pests, now fully under control. Since autumn surveys were conducted and found wintering stock locusts. From the spring by experts branches FSI "Rosselhoztsentra" DIVISION Agriculture municipalities, farms are being monitored start hatching pest abundance and distribution for

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Locust attack in Kazakhstan


9.06.11.Yuzhnye areas of locusts attacked. Landowners immediately took action. In the fight against pests involved ground sprayers, airplanes, gliders.

— Who is doing a great job in identifying insects, recording their number and destroyed with chemicals — said senior specialist of plant protection regional territorial inspection in APC MoA Antonina Gryaznova.

— At present, the Italian locust found in seven districts of the region — Amangeldy, Zhangeldinskom, Auliekolskom, Denisovsky, Kamystinskom, Zhitikara and near Arkalyk. We assume that in the near future pest appears in two other districts of the region.

According to the regional territorial inspection on June 7

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30.08.12.Padezh cattle Chishminskaya region of Bashkortostan. Video


30.08.12.Vsego one day in the village Saburovo killed nearly 20 head of sheep and goats. According to local residents, some of the local herd simply poisoned, and guilty of this former tenant farm land.

It all happened so fast, local residents said that they just did not do anything. They died very quickly. Some vomited blood before his death. Within hours of the local livestock herds fell by almost a quarter. If it was not a fluke, it could have killed all the cattle.

This field is a part of the land, which the local people rent one

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Chelyabinsk region in the grip of locusts


Locusts already in the southern Urals

28.06.11.Chelyabinsk was in the clutches of insects. In Agapovka, Verkhneuralsk, Red Army, Kizilskoe, Sosnowski and other regions of the Chelyabinsk region noted a locust invasion and webworm. Insects fly, even in the city center. Where they came from is unknown. In one version of them brought along with last weekend storm. In some areas, the insects emit a chirping that the noise of the city seems to be quiet.

According to head of the department of plant protection management Rosselhoztsentra the Chelyabinsk Region Vladimir Barbaroshie, the number of individuals is low, so

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MAKS-2013 hits record

At MAKS ended programm business and opened the first day of impressions to the public Business programm MAKS 2013 ended within it signed contracts worth about $ 16 billion of their $ 12 billion occurred in the purchase and service of Russian aircraft. Even without the expected agreement on the export of military aircraft business volume exceeded the result of the last air show. Most of the contracts for the delivery of technology as previously concluded between Russian companies and technological solutions must be obtained abroad. September 30 in Zhukovsky began screenings for the public, and members of the business

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Locusts in the Voronezh region


17.06.11.V four districts of Voronezh region registered breeding ground for locusts. Pernicious pest occurred in Boguchar, Borisoglebsk Povorino and Novokhopersk areas. The total area of lesions was 2.4 hectares.

As reported in the Department of Agricultural Regional Department of Agrarian Policy, now all centers are located, additional processing of the territories bordering the Tambov and Volgograd regions.

Source: Voronezh-line

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Chile were covered with snow. Video


21.07.11.Prezident Chile Sebastian Pinera announced Wednesday a "zone of disaster" the foothills of the Andes in the Araucanía region on the border with Argentina because of unprecedented frosts and heavy snowfalls

As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Chilean media, more than any other weather-damaged Lonkimay commune, located 700 kilometers south of the capital Santiago, Chile.

Last night the temperature dropped to -18 degrees are Celsius, and the roads are blocked by two-meter drifts, isolated from the outside world about 6,5 thousand inhabitants. Such anomalies in the area were not observed in the last 30 years

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Do I need a strategy for the defense of the Russian Federation?

Last week, the President held a meeting with the management of the Ministry of Defence. And during the meeting, Putin raised quite severe problems, many of which, in his opinion, should be resolved in the most recent times.

One such issue — the creation of the end of 2012 for the defense of fundamental strategic document of the Russian Federation, is a plan of defense of the country until 2016. One of the main pt of the plan is expected to behold development Military Space Forces, which will be designed to provide safety Russian borders, in the truest sense

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Parasite invasion destroys thousands of acres of forests in Armenia


Photo from: radikal.ru

19.07.11.V by rampant pests in Armenia infected 11,300 hectares of forest, and if we do not take the necessary measures to deal with them, then the damage will increase.

This was announced today at a press conference, said the director of the state non-commercial organization "Armles" Martoun Matevosyan.

M. Matevosyan said that the spread of forest pests — a phenomenon characteristic and seasonal. Currently, the strongest of all infected territory Arzakan Kotayk region and Mount Ara in Aragatsotn region. According to him, although the degree of infection reaches a critical level, but measures must be

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Tatarstan threatens locust invasion


Photo: Portal ProKazan.ru

21.07.11.V a district of the republic breeding ground for pests instantly increased from 1 ha to 20 ha.

On the territory of the district specialists Jutazinsky Rosselhoztsentra detected by RT locusts. Numbers in some areas reaches 15-20 per square meter of the area.

Fireplace Company in them. Tukai from 1 hectare increased to 20 hectares. Immediately after the discovery of the locust insecticide treatment was carried out the necessary fields and farming practices.

To decide whether to prevent the spread and destroy dangerous pests — locusts and webworm — An operative headquarters of the Ministry

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