About the anti-Hitler coalition, why she did not become the newest Entente

After the attack, led by Hitler in Europe by the Soviet Union, international situation has changed. Loathing USSR Churchill, 22 June, he declared that all who wage war against the Third Reich — a friend of England. June 24 to support USSR said Roosevelt. In Moscow, attended by representatives of British Prime Minister and the President of South America, however, their main goal was "feeling out the situation" — a long time to hold on Russia.

Oh no real help at the beginning of the question, a request of Stalin on the opening of a second front in Europe,

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Presented the latest Ka-62 (updated and expanded)

The highlight of the first day of the exhibition HeliRussia 2012 was the presentation of a new multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62. Deputy Prime Minister personally presented to the public this model, saying: "You can see how beautiful this car is -" swallow ". This helicopter is a completely different generation. It shows that we have big plans, not only in the field of military helicopters, but also civilians. "

Presentation of the Ka-62

According to the general director of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov new machine combines traditional features of Russian helicopters, it is reliable and easy to

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Presented upgraded legendary fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM (photos)

Russian media have demonstrated the upgraded MiG-31BM — the most modern modification of the legendary fighter-interceptor, fastest and most high-altitude fighter-interceptor in the world

Under the cut — photo essay by Sergey Alexandrov / LOOK for 23.01.2013

The main element of the modernization of the MiG-31 and BM-level — Installation of a new airborne radar and weapons control system. In addition, the upgraded aircraft has a range of advanced weapons, including missiles "air-to-air" and the long-range guided aerial bombs

That's MiG-31BM is seen as a promising carrier rocket K-37M class "air-to-air"

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On the collaborators second world war

September 1 1939 , Hitler stormed Poland throughout the German-Polish border. From that date are usually count the second world war. By September 17 Poland as the government ended its existence. One of the initiators of the role of the Warsaw section of Munich Czechoslovakia — Jozef Beck — September 17, 1939, fleeing from the advancing troops nedavneshnego own allies — Germany, fled to Romania. It was followed and Rydz-Rydz. Only after that the troops of the Red Army fled the Soviet-Polish border by launching its own liberation campaign, which lasted 5 days and warm welcome to local

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NGO representation RIC-Systems in Krasnodar: a year of successful work

 Photo source:livejournal.com

NGO RIC-Systems in the strategic development in key regions of Russia has opened a representative office in Krasnodar. Over the years of successful work in the SFD company has established itself as a competent and reliable partner in the provision of system integration services. The opening of a full-featured office in Krasnodar allowed NGOs RIC-Systems to organize effectively implemented management of complex projects in the region, a more productive dialogue with partners to establish a pool of regular customers. One of the main clients of the company is the Administration of Krasnodar. A key project implemented by

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The long-awaited pregnancy come, but from the moment of conception to the birth of a child must go through a long nine months. During this period, a woman could pose a serious test, the worst of which — the miscarriage, and as one of its variants — a frozen pregnancy.

The term "miscarriage" obstetricians understand spontaneous abortion for up to 37 weeks. If this happened before 22 weeks, talk about abortion, if later — a premature birth. In the first case, to fight for a child's life is meaningless, in the second — the doctors will try to do

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Death of 1500 head of cattle in South Dakota


Photo from: dropbox.com

22.07.11.Glavny veterinarian South Dakota, Dustin Oudekoven, said that in the state of unbearable heat waves killed more than a thousand animals. Unbearable heat exhausting cattle, especially in areas where there is no wind. Sultry nights have contributed to increased mortality of livestock. According to the newspaper «The Daily Republic», cattle can not tolerate such high temperatures, because the body does not have time to cool the animals, and they die.

The average annual mortality rate of cattle is 1-2%. What will be the indicators of this year, experts find it difficult to say, but obviously

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Fish kills in lyubotinskom pond


Photo from: mediaport.ua

22.07.11.V Upper Starolyubotinskom (it near Lyubotin) pond fish died. According to the Kharkiv gosekoinspektsii, killing more than a ton of fish: 13 000 261 crucian carp 165 and one carp. Ichthyological home service governance environment has estimated losses: 3,000,000 808.65 thousand UAH.

Ekoinspektsiya conducted studies of water in the pond, the source of wastewater is not found in the water samples exceeded hazardous substances is not fixed, the oxygen content are also normal. Sort out who is to blame for sea fish will Kharkiv Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office — the website of Kharkiv ekoinspektsii.

Editor: Pauline

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Thunderball — who or what is it?

Fireball — Quite a mysterious phenomenon of our world, for which there is still no clear answer. Like as it is a bundle of energy, and can spy probe alien or a visitor from a parallel world. But most importantly, what to do if you met her? Let's deal.

See the article compilation video of eyewitnesses ball lightning.

Watch Lightning-killer: the pursuit of a ball.

The first mention of a fireball comes to us from the VI century Bishop Gregory of Tours wrote at the

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In the Dnieper again dying fish


Photo from: telegraf.lv

21.07.11.Neskolko days ago in the river, near the islands near Kremenchug fish again began to die. This was "Telegraph" reported chitateli.Informatsiyu confirmed our main urban ecology.

— Repeated annual situation — fish kills in Kremenchug and Dneprodzerzhinsk reservoir. Brown algae blooming process began on Sunday, the same day near the island Shelomay recorded deaths fry — said Gennady Demekhin, head of the environmental safety of the executive committee.

— Although to date, according to gorSES, the oxygen level in the water is not so low that fish breath.

According to SES, today, July 21,

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