Held fire test engine 14D24

Liquid rocket engine (LRE) 14D24 (RD-0110R) development of "KBKhA" (Chemical Automatics Design Bureau, Voronezh) and the production of the Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP) is designed for use as a steering engine of the first stage rocket "Soyuz- 2-1b "development" Progress Samara Space Center. "

November 22 at booth KBKhA held fire test engine 14D24 (RD0110R). This test is completed ground testing the operation, including comparative, lapping and final development testing engine, with which fulfilled the basic tasks required by a comprehensive program of experimental testing.

Steering 14D24 engine with integrated tank pressurization system supply fuel components, including main

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Conducting the trial operation UAFR-1000

In the period from 21.02.2013 on 27.03.2013g. in the workshop of metal PJSC "KZGO" was conducted operational testing of welding rectifier for automated welding processes UAFR 1000.

  During the tests UAFR-1000 supported the completion of surfacing product (cylindrical sleeve) according to the desired mode — the arc voltage 35V, the current 700-750A welding. The equipment worked for 25 shifts, surfacing made 19 pcs. details of the overall complexity 201.3 N.Ch. for trouble-free operation. Current consumption of the network in phases, with the performance of work was 45A, indicating a decrease in energy consumption in half, compared with

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How to read the weather extremes in the era of climate change

The ratio of hot and cold weather extremes in recent U.S. history.

February 25, 2013. In the past year, the weather in the United States has established several unpleasant records that auknulos billions of dollars in damage and aggravated endless arguments about how it's all linked to climate change. And, as is often the case, while scientists are trying to get to the truth, man in the street is "all clear."

To add to this public discussion a little bit of common sense at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held a

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Oh man forgotten

A man and a fighting machine. At different steps of the development of civilization in its own science interprets this combination, forming a single antropotehnicheskuyu system. Crashes second half of the XX century led to reflect on the assistance of the people and they made cars. It was found that often the very design of the machine lies the need to adapt to its functions in spite of the physical and mental abilities. Vividly this apparent contradiction and military equipment.

Indeed, so far only evaluated firepower, protection and mobility of war materiel (CET). Some experts suggest adding the reliability

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The reconstruction of the regional center of patriotic education in Izhevsk

FSUE "GUSST number 8 at Spetsstroy Russia" as soon as possible carried out reconstruction of a 2-storey building of non-state educational institutions of further education for adults and children, "the Regional center of patriotic education and training of citizens for military service" DOSAAF regional branch of the Udmurt Republic. The general contractor for the reconstruction was made by a branch, "SU number 8102", led by Alexander Vladimirovich Markelov.


In the course of reconstructed premises with a total area of 2008 square meters, the building volume was 8,750 cubic

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On the purposes of the newest big war

The processes taking place in the current time in the world civilization, they say exactly the approach of large-scale military conflict. A striking example is the scaling up of the arms race, are celebrated in almost all regions of the planet, and especially in the Asia-Pacific region and the Arab world. At the sight are changes that lead to significant changes in the existing system of "center — semi-periphery — periphery", which is also a prerequisite for significant regional and global conflicts. More weight gains ATP appeared structure of BRICS (Brazil, our motherland, India, China, South Africa) Our homeland

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An earthquake measuring 5.2 in Kenya



23.01.12.V Kenya, near Lake Rudolf (also known as Lake Turkana), an earthquake of magnitude 5.2. Reported by the website of the National Geological Service of the United States. The epicenter of earthquake was located at a distance of 74 km north-east of Lodwar and 549 km from the capital, Nairobi. The earthquake was located at a depth of 15.2 kilometers.

Source: Utro.ru

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Polyana, where napushayutsya laws gpavitatsii




In the abnormal area on the boundary of the land lies dvuhmetpovaya concrete beam. One end is beyond the limits of the clearing, which is the usual The territory and d.pugoy paspolozhilsya in range of mysterious powers. Guides usually soppovozhdayuschy tupistov, pulls out of the bag special

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Georgia because of aftershocks collapsed mine


TBILISI, January 6 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. As a result of the collapse of the reservoir at the mine in Tkibuli January 6 injured two miners, told the "News-Georgia" the president of the union workers of metallurgical, mining and chemical industries Tamaz Dolaberidze.

According Dolaberidze caused the collapse of the preliminary data, were small tremors.

"At the moment we identify the causes of the collapse. One miner is already at home, and the state of the second — the stable, "- said the head of the union.

Tkibuli in 2011 killed five miners and five miners were injured. The

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Kemerovchan again disturbed tremors


23.01.12.V edition VashGorod.ru again began to address readers who live in the city of Kemerovo. Concern them underground vibrations that they again began to feel the last week.

Kemerovchane attributed these phenomena to the earthquake, but according to the site Geophysical Survey SB RAS strong aftershocks in the Kemerovo region in recent years have been reported.

At the same time, the agency "Interfax-Siberia" spread information on the resumption of munitions disposal area of responsibility stationed in Western Siberia, the 41st Field Army. Informed the agency, the press service of the Central Military District. The same source said that in

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