20.04.12.Massovaya fish kill in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video


28.04.12.Massovaya death of fish in one of the ponds Zheleznogorska.Posle how the ice has melted, the lake. Blue or Karasin was filled with dead fish.

Water-bailiff had already taken samples to determine the true cause of the plague of fish. It is believed that this was due to lack of oxygen — in the winter the ice had to drill a hole. 10 years standing lake drained, and only last year the reservoir was filled.

Yuri Latushkin: "As it was with us without water, this has led to the widening of the luxuriant vegetation on the banks and in the bed of the lake. Water appeared — began the process of decay, require large amounts of oxygen. All of this, one for the other clinging, led to the fact that water impoverished. But we have taken, and water samples, and the carcasses of fish, see the results "

Source: Yenisei Region TV

Krasnoyarsk. April 20. Interfax-Siberia — fishing inspection experts investigating the cause of mass death of golden carp in a lake located in the closed city of regime Zheleznogorsk.

"The death of fish occurred at the area of 200 sq. km. meters. Is one-fourth of the total area of the reservoir, "- said on Friday the agency" Interfax-Siberia "inspector Krasnoyarsk Interregional Department of State supervision and control vodobioresursami Alexander Chesnokov.

According to him, the samples taken for analysis to accurately say what killed the fish and how much of it was lost.

Source: Interfax-Siberia

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