Sales of new cars rose by 36%. Most popular — and ZAZ TOYOTA

Index of August sales in the primary market of vehicles continued positive trend in the statistics of the year — plus 36% of the July registrations and plus 44% compared to August of last year.

 Reported by Association"Ukrautoprom".

According to her, on the passenger car market in August, compared with the previous month, there has been an increase in initial sales by 24% to reach 23'457 pieces. Join 674 buses sales showed 65% increase in demand for this type of transport.


"The positive trends of the month can be written,

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Cleveland Volcano lava dome continues to swell

February 9, 2013. January 24, 2013, scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory recorded poavyshenie temperature in the lava dome Cleveland volcano. Since then, scientists are able to complete the "alert" and lead round the clock surveillance of the volcano.

According to information received last week from a satellite, lava dome continues to grow in size, and its diameter reached almost 100 meters, wrote "Igzeminer."

On Saturday, volcanologists said volcano continues to be active. However, the emission of lava or ash emissions are not observed, as confirmed by satellite imagery.

The last major eruption of the volcano Cleveland happened 12 years

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The unique vitality russophobia

Officially russophobia considered a personal case of xenophobia. But I would describe it as a unique case. Scientists to this day can not come together in the worldview of the origins and causes of the Russo-phobia. Some believe that it was made clear in the XVI century, when our country was among the "opened" by Western Europeans countries. The notes of foreigners in those years often slipped a negative attitude to the Russian Federation and Russian. But it is worth to see that right up to the second half of the XVIII century, this phenomenon is not of

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Sales of motorcycles Ural in the United States for the year increased by 39 percent

Sales of motorcycles "Ural", produced by Russian Irbitskoi motorcycle factories in North America last year rose 39 percent. In all quarters of the number of motorcycles sold more than in 2009, and over the past three months, Americans bought nearly twice as many "Ural", compared to the same period last year. In the U.S., direct the official importer and distributor of these bikes is a company Irbit MotorWorks of America. The cost of the most basic model available — Ural T — almost 10 thousand dollars, and the price of high-end modification of up to 14 thousand dollars. "'Ural

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The mysterious object in the Baltic Sea

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea in August 2011 was discovered a mysterious object, the appearance of which some associate with a visit to Earth by aliens.

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Ocean XTeam research team has already been several diving to study finds. It is

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In the Odessa area has fallen meteorite. Video


7.09.11.Astronom Odessa Observatory Yuri Gorban looking in Nikolaev, Odessa region meteorite, which fell in the evening on September 1.

Interviewing residents of Odessa region several communities who have witnessed how the fiery meteor pierced the sky and rolled to the ground and caused strong rumbling on impact with the ground, an astronomer Yuri Gorban believes that it is reasonable to look for a meteorite near the village of Novo-Nikolayevka, Odessa region.

"As the fireball phenomenon accompanied by sound effects, — said astronomer reporters — suggests that fell to the ground a small meteorite. Iron or iron-stone, weighing up

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ISS can be without crew. Video


28.08.11.Mezhdunarodnaya Space Station (ISS) may temporarily be without a crew if the launches of manned spacecraft "Soyuz" will not resume by mid-November.

Referring to the ISS program manager at the National Aerospace Agency of the U.S. Michael Saffredini, local media noted that if the "Soyuz TMA-22" because of emergency starting truck "Progress M-12M" is not sent to the station until mid-November, the crew of the ship " Soyuz TMA-02M "can leave the International Space Station, leaving her in an unmanned mode.

According Saffredini, this is due to the fact that the extension flight "Soyuz TMA-02M" to December will night

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Bulgaria. UFO startled residents Gabrovo


20.09.12.Segodnya about 20:00 residents and neighborhoods Trendafil Rusevtsi in Gabrovo saw an unidentified flying object. Its size, according to witnesses, was about 2 meters in diameter. UFO emits red light and moved very low over the houses. The object hovered for a while over a quarter, and then slowly moved towards the city cemetery. But then suddenly, almost immediately flew in the direction of the Balkan Mountains.

Children perceive UFOs as some entertaining show, and adults, at least, were amazed, and some are scared.

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Sales of passenger cars in Russia increased by 20%

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Russia in January of this year, up 20% compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 154.4 thousand units, said Wednesday the Committee of Automobile Manufacturers Association of European Businesses (AEB).

According to the committee chairman David Thomas, who presented the report, growth of 20% in January put the successful start of the year, reports RIA "Novosti".

"This is in line with our forecast, according to which in 2012 the Russian Federation will be sold 2.8 million vehicles. However, the January — short month

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Miasskoe rocketeers will save the planet from an asteroid. Video


18.08.11.Miasskie rocketeers save our planet from asteroid impacts.

Now Rocket Center "Makeev" — is the development of a global system of protection of the Earth. The threat is very real and. Already in 2029, scientists predict a dangerous proximity to the asteroid weighing 20 million tonnes.

Asteroid "Apophis" scientists have discovered seven years ago, and then it became clear that he — a serious threat to the planet. In 2029, this cosmic body is too close to Earth. If an asteroid hit zone so called resonant return, then a collision is imminent in 2036. Consequences can be dire. Power

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