About attempts to undermine China with Xinjiang mine

Taking into account the situation in the United States and England, it is clear that China and Russia will not give a relaxed living. London and Washington for any shocks in these powers is simply a gift that allows you to delay the inevitable has enormous configuration in the U.S. and satellites. Because, not surprisingly, that the Middle Kingdom activated Uighur separatists.

Over the weekend days of the conflict occurred in the north-west of China, where, according to official data, during clashes and terrorist attacks killed 15 people, injured more. According to the official news agency "Xinhua" speech came the "rebels." According to representatives of the Uyghur organizations, one of the cities of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) — Kashi — was blocked. This is the second such incident in Xinjiang in recent weeks. So, in the middle of July in Khotan was an attack on a police station. In the end, he killed 18 people. This attack has been named by the Chinese authorities, "a planned terrorist attack."

According to local authorities, a group of criminals organized a series of bombings and attacked the peaceful inhabitants. According to them, the militants were trained abroad upon preliminary investigation, who organized the terrorist attack has the ability to manufacture explosive devices, which they have received, having been trained in training camps "East Turkistan Islamic Movement" in the area of Pakistan.

Kashgar is considered the "heart and soul" of Uighur region, it is an old city with more than two thousand years of history, the second naikrupneyshy city Xinjiang, its spiritual center, the cultural capital. Brightest central Asian markets, artisans streets where right at the sight of passers-master casually make their masterpieces — from knives to pots, people, his whole appearance more like the Uzbeks, than the "standard" Han people, signs, where all Chinese characters are duplicated in Arabic script, tea-ladies, many of whom are dressed in a burqa. This city stands on the old trade routes: from Kashgar caravans went west — to the Ferghana valley, to the south — in the land of modern India and Pakistan, to the north — in Urumqi and Turpan. Kashgar — an old crossroads of civilizations, cultures and peoples.

Beijing pursues a policy kitaizatsii region, because of the region's population of 20 million Uighurs have less than 40%, they do not have to be a majority in their own homeland. In recent years there has been intensification of the Uighur movement. According to the press-secretary of the Global Uyghur Congress (its center is located outside of China — in Germany) Dilshat Raşit, a surge of violence in Xinjiang Beijing driven by policy. The Chinese government is suppressing the Uighur prohibits conduct protests, most of which are caused by the policies of the mass migration of Han people in Xinjiang. And the Chinese authorities want more "kitaizirovalis" region — a plan for the construction of 5 cities 20-million, and the majority of Muslims Xinjiang deported to other provinces of China.

Beijing in response to the repressive actions of the separatists increases the pressure, the courts give the death penalty to people associated with the design, "East Turkistan Islamic Movement". In Beijing aggressively respond to any overtures towards the creation of the "Great Turkestan." West, as usual protests. Clearly, Beijing reacted so badly to the operations in Lebanon and against sanctions on Syria. After all, China can become a target of the West, you can always find a reason — in Xinjiang or in another respect troubled region — Tibet.

At the current time, the Uighur separatists, which support from abroad, the chance to raise Xinjiang on large-scale unrest or rebellion against China not. The fact that the Chinese elite spends enough wisest policy, which has led to the fact that most of the Uighurs and Muslims in the region do not want independence. Beijing in recent years contributes to the development of Xinjiang, to the fact that the backward around the outskirts of the Middle Kingdom, the big finansovlozheniya, and this has led to a fundamental result. Thus, the region's capital — the city of Urumqi — with a population of 3 million people has become a true economic capital of the whole of Central Asia. Local intellectuals seduced by grants and free study in metropolitan areas east of the country. Besides Muslim population thoroughly "diluted" Han people, the Muslims are not the majority of the inhabitants of the region. Naturally, most of the local population, as the Chinese and Muslim Uighurs have no strong motivation to revolt. Cultural and economic growth region smoothed out a lot of circumstances for discontent. Against the policies of Beijing, the Chinese government supports only a small group of radicals who enjoys foreign support. One can also note the desire of foreign forces to spoil things between Beijing and Islamabad, which in recent years have become allies.

Although we can not say that with bolshennom desire not to undermine China through Xinjiang and Tibet. After analyzing the situation in Libya and Syria before the impact of Islamic, liberal extremists, with the support of the West, it is clear that the bulk of the population in these countries supported the central government, was for stability and order. In Libya, in general have gained great success in the growth of the welfare of local people. But the Anglo-Saxons have a vast experience in the "rocking the boat", eventually Libya and Syria blaze. Unfortunately, the active radical minority with passivity and indifference of the general population may spoil the life of the whole country.


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