About the diagnosis of Putin and the exclusivity of the United States

President Putin, when he was Prime Minister, once referred to Sen. John McCain's crazy. Putin, possessing analytical thinking, mathematically calculated that if people drop into the pit for a few months (in Vietnamese captivity McCain really was sitting in the pit), the common sense of it will be only his memoirs.

But in life, almost anything can happen, including miracles, one of which is Senator McCain have to admit that not always and everywhere a person with severe psychological disorders can reach such heights in politics, which headed for McCain, I almost became a favorite of the first nation in the world.

Recently the first visit of the new favorite Francois Hollande in the U.S. newspaper Le Figaro was wrong and interviewed John McCain. Read a journalist he about various things, but we motivate its expression in relation to Syria and Russia. So, Mr. McCain worried about the situation in Syria, he was dissatisfied with Barack Obama's indecision, he believes that the street thugs and mass necessary to change the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Here is what he says: "About 10,000 civilian inhabitants were killed by the regime of Syria Bashar al-Assad in unfair battles with Russian weapons and operating in areas of the country Iranian militants. And the United States shall be removed to help! Some of the Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia intends to deliver the weapon rebels. But the situation bezotstupno asks South American leadership. We could make a non-hazardous area for resistance, and supply him with an instrument, but America does not want to. It is shameful to an episode in our history. "Backstage Leadership" President Obama says to us that he does not believe in the exclusivity of the United States »(http://inosmi.ru/usa/20120517/192130866.html).

Of course, McCain does not realize that the peaceful inhabitants do not kill, and if he believes civilians armed people struggling with their government on foreign funds and instrument, then it is diagnosed, confirmed by Russian favorite. McCain also did not realize that all countries have the right to choose their own path, public order, and that they are not guilty, if their choice is something contrary to the Western American values. But affects his interview discontent Barack Obama, on the mental level, healthy man, who, as you can see, does not believe in the "U.S. exceptionalism!" What is this exceptionality, how it is expressed, and why you need to believe in it?

There have been periods in history when one government so superior in the development of civilization and the political and military power of other countries, it is undeniable that the submissive, acknowledged his greatness and an advantage, taught him. This was Rome itself was Persia (to the defeat of the Macedonians). Now between global powers is no such gap of any civilization, or in other ways. As can be seen, the Americans who claim to exclusivity, do not understand the differences between them and, say, Russian, British, Chinese and French or not, or it is so unimportant that does not allow the claim exceptionality. At the time, the exclusivity of Rome Roman emperors made it possible to put on the thrones of other countries of their own people, and the inhabitants of these countries are grateful to the decisions of the Romans, and were eager to learn from them. Now American solutions "emperors" in the non-sovereign states or received with hostility, or they can be demagogic rhetoric and brute force to put into life, but in any case they cause disgust. And in Libya, and in Iraq and Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, and in Egypt, and now in Syria South American politics causes disgust and rejection of him. And how long the Yankees will dictate its terms to the world that is inappropriate for others, it is not clear.

Obviously, McCain — is not the only crazy in the South American establishment. And this can be tolerated. But more problematic is the fact that the ideas of crackpots well spread on the mental level, healthy people. For example, not so long ago in Uzbekistan, a minor scandal erupted, which we have pleasure to write. Salting the U.S., following the doctrine of exclusivity conferred for itself the right to censor the press in the country of residence! (Http://n-idea.am/ru/comments.php?id=19573). And such cases are not rare: there is no peace in the states of the U.S. Consulate, the control of which would not climb bestseremenno in internal affairs and would not have behaved shameless way (except Belarus, Cuba and some other miracle preserved the sovereignty of countries and their loyal allies). In Armenia, in the South American ambassador even has his own faction in parliament, fabricated of "Heritage" party, and by former Ambassador to the party "Free Democrats". In general, these are the things …

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own philosophy, including Senator McCain. But you can not otymat others of their right to their own philosophy, including on world view Senator McCain. Also on the outlook of Vladimir Putin.

I am justified in outlook, and in this regard I will say that one hundred percent agree with the medical diagnosis has no medical education, Vladimir Putin regarding psychological health of John McCain. And absolutely do not agree with the views of Senator McCain regarding the exclusivity of the United States, at least as genuine exclusivity does not require the recognition of the power — and it always will be welcome everywhere.

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