Across the Earth volcanoes erupt

Vulcan Etna. © NASA

April 3, 2013. Last month, NASA has recorded increased seismic activity in different regions of the world. Indonesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Italy, Mexico — this is not a complete list of countries, where in March there were volcanic eruptions.

Since March 23, the lens apparatus Earth Observing-1, which was launched for the remote sensing of the Earth as part of NASA Earth Observatory, hit volcano Etna in Sicily. the images can be seen as the volcano spews streams of gas and ash, and dark lava, together with ash and scoria cover the dense layer of the south-eastern slopes of the volcano.

In turn, research satellite, NASA's "Aqua" has fixed March 25 thin volcanic plume rich in sulfur dioxide released by the volcano island of Pagan, located in the archipelago of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The volcano has been active almost continuously since April 2011.

Later in the afternoon, March 26, the volcano awoke Paluveh (also known as Rokatenda) located on one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. A pillar of gas and smoke was fixed unit Earth Observing-1.

In addition, in early March, more active Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. So, March 8, ash rising from the crater of the volcano at a height of about 1.5 kilometers, which is about 7 kilometers above sea level. Two days before the satellite equipment "Aura", which controls the ozone content in the atmosphere has recorded increase in sulfur dioxide in the area surrounding the volcano. The next day, the satellite "Terra" was able to get the image directly from the event — plume of gas was so dense that through him the machine could not see the ground.

Increased activity is also recorded in Kamchatka, Russia. Here the Earth Observing-1 detected a new eruption Tolbachic, waking up at the end of November 2012. New lava flows have occupied an area of about 290 meters on the northern slope of the mountain and 110 meters on the eastern slope. This is clearly evident from the way in these places the snow melts — the old river bed of lava is covered with snow.

Island Bagan. © NASA

Volcano Paluveh. © NASA

Popocatepetl volcano. © NASA

Volcano Tolbachic. © NASA

Source: News Gismeteo

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