Bad news from NASA: Elenin celestial body is on the ground the negative impact


Comet Elenin © Photo: Leonid Elenin

4.05.11.YA knew several months ago that I would have to talk like that, but never thought it would happen so soon.

Back in January, engaged in investigating the underground city, which is said to have been built under the new Denver airport, as reported by the former governor Jesse Ventura, I put the puzzle together and came to the conclusion that an event of global scale is preparing for us in 2012.

Today I give reliable information, it is unlikely to be more true, given that the source appears NASA. Last night, looking through a mathematical model of comet Elenin (English), I found out that a large celestial body has already entered into the solar system, and is on track possibly fatal interactions with the Earth in the autumn of 2011. But we do not know a lot of comet Elenin though I have no doubt that this information is known to the authorities.

Comet now shows that it passes through the asteroid belt into the inner solar system. I really wish to act as a messenger bearing bad news, but the source — NASA, is impeccable. We have a lot (which may be a neutron star), which entered the solar system, will have to do turn around the sun like any other comet, and pass between Mercury and Venus before it goes back. On his way back, this mass will be held very close to the earth, and the earth will pass behind it, hitting its tail.

In the video below you can see how this is explained graphically. You will see a mathematical calculation, which shows that every time this celestial body comes into line with the axes of the Earth and the Sun, we happen devastating earthquake. The last three matches of the axes have led to the earthquake in Japan, then to him in New Zealand and before that in Chile. When the next match, it will lead to a devastating earthquake. We need to understand that if Elenin was just a normal comet it would not have enough mass to create a gravity that could affect the Earth, when it coincides with her axes.

Senior researcher at NASA astrobiologist David Morrison told the official assured that from Elenin is no threat.

Morrison confirmed that Elenin perihelion celestial body (being the closest to the sun) will be in the beginning of September 2011, when it will be at a distance of 40-45 million miles from the Sun. He said that the closest thing in this period from the sun it will be October 16, when it come to him at a distance of about 16 million miles, but he believes that Elenin is no different from an ordinary comet. All the anxiety he dismisses as pure fiction.

As we can clearly see from the NASA simulation, it's all very real. And now we live in an environment where radiation is distributed over the Northern Hemisphere. We've all seen how easily government withhold information about what is happening, and lie with honest persons. The Japanese government has acknowledged that he held in secret at least 5000 radiation measurements after the accident at Fukushima. This was done in order not to provoke panic in the population, told Itar-Tass representative structures dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

We must recognize and accept that there is a possibility that part of our civilization and the people can be lost. A picture that worth a thousand words, and NASA has given us strong evidence to suggest that Elenin will play a role in the events that take place on our planet.

We began to notice that something unusual happens when sunrise in Greenland occurred on 2 days before, which was a clear sign that the Earth's orbit is something going on.

The next few months

August 3, 2011 will be a time stamp that the Earth will be a brown dwarf perigee position, while the dwarf crosses the Earth's orbit. After about two weeks, on August 18 the brown dwarf crosses the orbit of Venus at a distance of about 67 million miles from the Sun. Then, after 24 days the dwarf as close to the Sun to a distance of 44.73 million miles. Twenty-fifth of September 2011 will be the date when the Earth crosses the second longest match with the Sun as a celestial body, brown dwarf, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, which will line up, and will lead to another gravitational match.

In this video from the top of the mountain in Japan seems to have been able to record Elenin on camera.

October second orbit a brown dwarf again intersects the orbit of Venus, and begin to shift toward the Earth. After 2 weeks, the dwarf crosses the Earth's orbit, and it will be right in front of our planet, which would be the nearest point of our meeting with the body. Brown dwarf crosses the orbit of Mars November 14, 2011 on the way to the third alignment to take place on November 22, when the Earth will once again between them, as well as March 15.

The most likely seems to be that history is preserved in many ancient cultures — the flooding, which occurred on the planet. The only reasons for such obscheplanetnyh flooding could be an asteroid impact, pole shift, or the passing of the great mass of the object close to the Earth, the attraction of gravity which would cause a large tsunami. The gravitational attraction of a massive object would the water in motion, just as the Moon does to a much smaller scale, causing the ebb and flow.

Safety zones:

— Leave over 150 miles (~ 250 km, approx. Mixednews) from shore.

— Leave the area and volcanic hazards supervolcanoes like Yellowstone in northwestern USA.

— Leave seismic and avalanche zones, fault zones like the New Madrid fault in the central United States.

— Go away from the dams, which can break through.

— Go away from nuclear power plants.

— Leave the high altitudes, where the level of radiation is highest.

— Leave the densely populated areas, where food shortages could lead to unrest and chaos.

— Join the survivalist groups where people share the same idea, and there is everything necessary for survival gear, weapons and food.

Translation: Angry Teretnyak

Source: mixednews

The first "n" comet approaches the Earth in October 2011

MOSCOW, Dec. 20 — RIA Novosti. The first 20 years of the Open Russian scientists comet comes closer to the Earth on the minimum distance in October 2011, and then will go on a long edge of the solar system for thousands of years, said in an interview with RIA Novosti discoverer of comets, astronomer Leonid Elenin of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Keldysh.

"In early October 2011 the comet approaches the Earth at a distance of about 0.4 astronomical units is 59.8 million kilometers. Its magnitude can make 4-5 units, most likely it can be seen with the naked eye. I promised to show it to my daughter, "- said Elenin.
Comet, designated C/2010 X1 (Elenin), was discovered Elenin on December 10 photographs taken by a Russian automated observatory ISON-NM (New Mexico, USA). The next day, these findings were confirmed by the Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek astronomers using observations at the observatory Maidanak in Uzbekistan. A day later received confirmation from the U.S. and Japanese scientists.

Previous case opening comet Soviet scientists occurred in 1990, when the Lithuanian astronomer Kazimierz Chernis with Japanese colleagues discovered comet C/1990 E1 (Chernis-Kiuchi-Nakamura). In 1989, residents of Krasnodar Boris Skorichenko with British astronomers discovered comet C/1989 Y1 (Skorichenko-George).

According to some data, the new comet approaches the Sun, much closer, said Elenin. Whereas previously, scientists thought that it does not go "deeper" of Jupiter's orbit, new calculations show that it comes closer than Mercury — a distance of 0.45 AU. Although it does not fall into the class "solntsetsarapayuschih" comets, but it can see the solar observatory SOHO.

Interviewee of the agency said that the comet poses no threat to Earth, it will be at a considerable distance from our planet.

"Orbits it may be similar to the orbit of a bright comet in 1997, Comet Hale-Bopp, but C/2010 X1 fit much closer to the Sun and it is not as large as the Hale-Bopp. Its period can be several thousand years, "- said the scientist.

Elenin explained that such long-period comets tend to have a very large mass, as it is rarely visited by in the "hinterlands" solar system, where they lose mass by solar radiation.

"Amateur comet"

Comet Elenin was discovered by a relatively small amateur telescope with a mirror diameter of only 45.5 centimeters. This telescope is mounted on a remotely controlled Russian observatory ISON-NM, located in the mountains of New Mexico (USA), at a height of 2.2 thousand meters.

Telescope "Centurion" Russian automated observatory ISON-NM Photo: Leonid Elenin

Elenin explained that this is a non-governmental Observatory, established by means of the international astronomical project ISON (International Scientific Optical Network).

According to the source, the observatory ISON basically searches asteroids near the Earth, the study of gamma-ray bursts.

Elenin noted that the study of comets is essential to study the evolution of the solar system — these celestial bodies are remnants of the original "building blocks" from which the planets formed.

"In addition, it has a quite practical value — there is always a risk that some major celestial body, asteroid or comet may collide with Earth, which can lead to very serious consequences," — said the astronomer.

He complained that the Russian "state" is looking a little astronomy asteroids near Earth objects (NEO).

"Russian astronomers in recent years opened four NEAs. All these discoveries amateur "- said the scientist.

Source: RIA Novosti

Comet Elenin may be brighter than expected

2.05.11.Kometa C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is one of the observed long-period comets. To date, the total number of observations with the CCD camera becomes close to 1300, while the number of CCD measurements of Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) does not exceed 1000.

Of course, this is largely due to the development and availability of modern CCD cameras, but still, I emphasized this fact for supporters of various conspiracy theories, telling that the comet Elenin can not be seen in the sky or her observations are confidential. Of course it is not, but will return to the news of the comet.

On the basis of selected, high-quality assessments glitter comet, Artem Novichonok been updated photometric model of comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin). According to the new forecast comet may reach 4m shine near perihelion, and that does not include the effect of the forward scatter (forward scattering), when the comet will be exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Tiny icy dust scatter the light passing through them, and the brightness of the comet, which we can see on the pictures from the space coronagraph SOHO, will grow. Comet may reach zero magnitude, and even become brighter! The truth of such a sharp increase in brightness is fleeting and when the comet comes from the connection to the sun and we can see her in the morning sky, the brilliance of a comet has returned to the 4-4.5m. Accessible to observation with the naked eye comet will be the beginning of November.

Author: Leonid Elenin

Source: SpaceObs

Is there a connection between the joints of the comet Elenin and earthquakes on Earth?

24.04.11.Etot question one of the most popular and I decided to dedicate a separate topic. Following are the significant earthquakes on Earth (7 points on the Richter scale and higher), as well as the relative position of all the planets in the solar system and comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin). Data on earthquakes taken from the site USGS.

Magnitude 7.1 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN April 07, 2011

Magnitude 9.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN March 11, 2011

Magnitude 7.2 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN March 09, 2011

Magnitude 7.2 SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN January 18, 2011

Magnitude 7.0 LOYALTY ISLANDS January 13, 2011

Magnitude 7.1 ARAUCANIA, CHILE January 02, 2011

Magnitude 7.0 SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA January 01, 2011

Magnitude 7.3 VANUATU REGION December 25, 2010

Magnitude 7.4 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION December 21, 2010


Magnitude 7.2 NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA September 29, 2010

Magnitude 7.0 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND September 03, 2010

Magnitude 7.1 ECUADOR August 12, 2010

Magnitude 7.3 VANUATU August 10, 2010

Magnitude 7.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA August 04, 2010

Magnitude 7.6 MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES July 23, 2010


Magnitude 7.8 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA April 06, 2010

Magnitude 7.2 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO April 04, 2010

Magnitude 8.8 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE February 27, 2010

Magnitude 7.0 HAITI REGION January 12, 2010

Magnitude 7.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 03, 2010

No comment, Draw your own conclusions … I just want to note that on March 11, 2011, to the connection of the comet with the Earth remained 3 days. A lot or a little hard to judge.

Author: Leonid Elenin

Source: SpaceObs

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