Because of the snowfall Belarusians late for work


Cneg not only the road to sleep, but also brought down trees and broke off the wire.

01.04.11. Katerina BORISEVICH Alice Buevich. Because of the snowfall Belarusians late for work, and in some villages in the New Year in with candles.
— We have so much snow fell that you can not get through! The first two days of the new year to us all buses could not reach. Until Monday morning, those who came home from the big cities to celebrate the holiday, unable to leave home. It turns out that because of the weather late for work — says "KP" Tatyana, a resident of the village of Small Sitno Polotsk region. — A morning of 2 January we also lost electricity. Now waiting for it will connect.

On New Year's Eve weather presented Belarusians unexpected surprise: due to heavy snowfall light disappeared in 650 villages. The first trip began on the evening of December 31. Suffered most Logoiskii, Polotsk and Ushachsky areas. Workers had to work around the clock to resolve the problem. As of yesterday there was no more light in forty villages.

— We lost electricity in the evening on December 31. Well, that pre-cooked hot meals, a table is covered with candles. Here and celebrated New Year, and the middle of the night on January 1 there was electricity, but in a few hours again lost. In general, sitting without electricity for four days — said a resident of the village of Proceedings of Polotsk district Anna.

Local residents can not remember the last time I had such heavy snowfall.

— The reason for blackouts that trees could not withstand the weight of snow, bent and fell to the wire. Huge birch simply bent to the ground. And falls not only young trees, but also the height of 20 — 30 meters — says "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Acting chief engineer of the regional electric Lahoisk Michael Trusevich. — Of course, if you look at the trees, the beautiful scenery, but that they work we have added a few days.

Dispatchers district bus terminals say that in the first days of the new year bus just did not reach the final station: the roads were not cleared and the drivers do not dare to go to the remote villages. By the way, railway and airport works these days as usual.

The unprecedented snowfall hit Minsk on the first day of the new year. The city was covered in a matter of hours. In the morning on January 1 to the streets all the metropolitan road equipment and did not stop working all day. UE "Remavtodor 'work was in two shifts, from 8 am to 8 pm and from 8 pm to 8 am.

— All these days we have worked all our equipment, and had to attract more — told the "KP" UE "Remavtodor" Central District. — However, the organization from which it is, could not every day we devote the necessary amount. Snow buried the entire city, not just our district.

There were no days off and Minsk janitors. Worker could lift and 4 am. Many janitors Minsk weekend in those days was not. In many metropolitan ZHREO the janitor still long working day.

— And what to do if such a situation? These days, our wipers was not easy. The situation was complicated by the fact that many residents did not leave the house on January 1. If you normally put it clears every square meter for personal transportation, the January 1 and 2 did one. Although ad requests we hung out at all entrances — told in ZHREO Frunze district.

Another problem, which inevitably appears in this weather — the icicles that have formed on the roofs of houses.

— To be honest, we have time to clean up the snow in the yards, admitted to "KP" in one of the capital ZHREO. — But where the duty master plumbers to see icicles, of course, their shield, and once the necessary equipment arrives, knock.

— A call to the citizens who see icicles hanging?

— In his GEN. Duty team will protect dangerous territory first, and then with the help of special equipment to shoot down.

But if the situation in the courts has become better, then the country it is still quite difficult.

— For the past day (January 2. — Ed.) To remove snow on the roads of the republic employed 720 snow removal vehicles and 570 — пескосолераспределительных. Only over the day had to pour more than 10,000 tons of sand and salt mixture and nearly a half ton of salt, — reported in "Belavtodor" of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. — And it is two times more than in normal times.


In the forests of starving deer and wild boars

Snowfalls bring a lot of trouble, and animals.

— Suffer the most deer — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Engineer Hunting Polotsk Forestry Sergei Volkov. — They can not produce their own food, as deer — is a herbivore. But even that is not the worst. In snow animals suffer because they find it difficult to move around. Due to the abundance of snow to get myself food also can not boars. This animal usually eats roots, get to where now almost impossible. Feeding the pigs we grain. The special fertilizing suitable sites and roe deer, from hunger, they eat grain, even though it's not their food.


After the snow will thaw in Belarus

During the first days of January in Belarus had the decadal rate of snow. Height snowdrifts on 1 January reached record numbers.

— In Polotsk was recorded overall record, there snow depth reached 57 inches. Snow fell in the capital of a height of 35 centimeters — in January of this was in 1955 — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" chief forecaster of the National Weather Service Olga Fedotova.

According to forecasters, snow in the coming days to continue, but is not so abundant.

— Winter cold weather and snow will continue until Thursday. The temperature at night these days is 7 — 14 degrees below zero, with clearings to 18. Day for Belarus from -3 to -11. At the end of the week from the south-west Europe will come to us thaw. Rains and snow. The temperature on Christmas night will be -4 — 11 below zero at night, -5 — 3. On Saturday night, 0 — 6 below zero at night, 2 — 3. About the same day and night temperatures will be on Sunday — 3 — 3. Thaw in Belarus continue until the middle of next week, — said Olga Fedotova.


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