Do we need to imported weapons? (Poll)

One of the main reasons for numerous disputes in recent years have become weapons purchases abroad. For a variety of circumstances, Russian Defense Ministry has shown interest in the development in the field of foreign weapons and military equipment, which in some cases led to the conclusion of supply contracts. Already at the stage of negotiating these agreements caused a lot of criticism and controversy. In these discussions, it was suggested a lot of arguments, but in general, they can all be summarized in a few lines.

First, let's examine the history of purchases. Until that time, the introduction of zabugornogo weapons and equipment not listed something shameful. Moreover, the equipment made abroad sometimes glorified for centuries, as was the case with a built in Philadelphia cruiser "Varyag". Were purchased abroad and shooting guns. For example, a machine gun design Yankees Kh.S. Maxim first supplied from abroad, and only in 1904 in Tula unfolded his license creation. Around the same time, similar efforts have taken place with the gun system L. Nagant: first Belgian gunsmiths sold ready tool, and then assist to create it in. After the October Revolution, a similar practice is over. The former allies who could implement any armament, overnight became enemies and even began to intervene. Based on these events, all armament zabugornogo production in the Red Army was limited to only those that were delivered before the Revolution or repulsed the enemy. Naturally, the isolation of the procurement of modern weapons imported spoiled a lot of blood, and the soldiers and commanders. But, on the other hand, there was a nice incentive for the restoration and development of its defense industry. Although it is not left without international co-operation — quite remember tanks construction J. Christie.

During the Russian war majestically to the practice of buying weapons abroad briefly returned. Lend-Lease Act to assist in some measure to save energy needed for the production of one or other military purpose. At the same time, up to now not subside disputes, as these supplies could bring victory. In the next few decades, the international cooperation in the defense field was limited to infrequent purchases of some production facilities abroad. After the collapse of Russian Union and the subsequent economic, political, social, etc. events of the Russian defense industry was not in the best position. Shortage of funding and lowering of enthusiasm on the part of the main customer — the Defense Ministry — led to a languid consequences. Available armament and morally obsolete equipment and real, and the money to buy new had to practically beat out with great difficulty. As a result, a large number of areas of our industry lags behind zabugornyh rivals.

This situation has a proper and unpleasant trait: to restore the level of defense tribute to such criteria need to be addressed are complex and expensive acts on another position may not improve, but even worse. In about 2008 there were the first reports of the likely agreement between the Russian military and the French shipbuilders. Later, this information was proof: Russian Defense Ministry really showed enthusiasm for the French amphibious assault ship project Mistral. The Russian Navy has no ships of this class but, apparently, the management of the fleet, the ministry and the country decided they needed us. As a reason in favor of buying the French ships is at once a few statements. In 1-x, in the views of the adherents of the contract, so we can get Makarov modern ships, without investing a lot of time and effort to develop them. In practice, the role of our engineers limited only to ensure comparability with Russian arms. Second argument "for" says that only two "Mistral" will be built in France. Subsequent ships (their number is currently being evaluated in two units) will be collected on Russian stocks. Because of this shipbuilding receive additional orders that will directly affect the living standards of workers, shipbuilders. Third reason is related to the technological side of things. Since we have a backlog of zabugornyh rivals, in the field of shipbuilding is proposed catch up with him through the purchase of a modern ship and a license for its establishment. In this case, the software companies' Mistral »(DCNS and Alstom) will be required to pass Russian side documentation, including technology. In other words, the "bundled" with the vehicle will be sold, and some know-how. The main thing is they were really new to the Russian shipbuilding.

«Centauro» Italian Army

Similarly, it seems, is the case with the Italian Centauro wheeled armored vehicles and Freccia. The standards of this technique came to Russia and, most likely, already undergoing tests. Perhaps the purpose of buying a 2-armored vehicles was the desire to determine the prospects of wheeled armored vehicles of similar class without wasting time on developing their own peers. Apart from other things, such an approach is fascinating choice "experimental": wheeled Centauro tank is considered one of the best in the world of this class of armored vehicles. Accordingly, the tests can demonstrate favorite perspective of the whole trend. However, it is not clear that there will be more. If the "Chentauro" and "Frecce" recognize applicable for use in the Russian armed forces, it could be two scenarios: actually buying the finished Italian technology with the possible opening of a license of its own creation or development of the standard wheel armored vehicles with languid arms with the zabugornyh technical solutions and finds. In both cases, the views of supporters of the military zabugornoy ability to purchase products, get the modern Russian army fighting machines that are not inferior counterparts.

Freccia VBM

The presence of international disputes over contracts demonstrates the lack of a single view. Critics of the idea of procurement of weapons and equipment abroad as well convinced of their own positions as both supporters and also lead meaningful and logical reasons. Need to make a little slip of the tongue: the consistency and weight Rezonit always questioned opponents, but it is — at least some basis of the dispute. One of the most popular shopping Rezonit against the "Mistral", wheeled tanks or even a small gun for the patriotic side of things and international prestige. In the example given of the USSR, after the Russian war majestically without the help of other absolutely necessary to provide ourselves with all weapons. According to such logic, the purchase of arms and military equipment abroad not to face a big country with a fairly developed its own defense industry. "Self-sufficiency" of the Union of Russian defense industry in this context is considered to be a positive side, because the presence of the defense industry of this country can not hope for zabugornyh suppliers and their army stuff all fit. Another argument is quite vserasprostranenny typical development prior. At times, there are announcements from around the world about the discovery of some products in the so-called military mission "Bookmarks". This is a hardware or software that secretly installed in the exported armament and technology and, if appropriate provide a violation of her employment or f
ailure. Many professionals and amateurs of military equipment are afraid that the French or the Italians, "just in case" will supply its products to similar things and it eliminates all the advantages of the transaction, including decent gains in terms.

On the 3rd raisonné procurement costs against the brakes separately. Completely obvious is the fact that no matter what kind of military equipment must be tailored to particular requirements, which in different countries may differ. These requests relate first implementation strategy technology and its adaptability to any environment. In the case of the "Mistral" and the Italian wheeled armored vehicles often put this particular issue. Argues that the universal landing ships just do not fit into the current state and the ideology of the introduction of our Navy. Such ships initially intended for the carriage of manpower and equipment the Marine Corps, and to ensure its landing saved. Far not all the military experts at the moment can imagine where in the real world may require amphibious assault ship. The possible reasons for the introduction can only be considered a hypothetical conflict over the South Kuril Islands or any military actions on the coast of the Black Sea. As regards the Italian armored vehicles similar logic is poured into a discussion about the driving performance of wheeled chassis. There is some doubt about the patency of the eight-Italian cars on rough terrain. With all of this at times, because they belong to a class of Centauro wheeled tank, the comparison is with main battle tanks. In this "competition" Italian armored car with the firepower of the tank does not look like a winner.

"Mistral" under construction

First landing ship of the "Mistral", named "Vladivostok", was founded in February of this year. By the beginning of the subsequent worth waiting for the beginning of construction of the second. Italian Centauro wheeled armored vehicles and Freccia, presumably show their properties at the site. In the meantime, do not abate controversy among fans of military equipment and a caring people. The composition of the dispute is constantly changing, but the kind of argument remains the same — they are all listed above. As we see, the Russian Defense Ministry also has its own world, of course, supported by any facts, and acts in accordance with the adopted strategy of development and updating of the real part of the army and navy. But the Defense Ministry is not involved in mass disputes, which is why some of his logic is still not fully understood.

The attentive reader will, for sure, I saw that in the article cited as reasons debaters have no comment, rebuttal and detailed analysis. We offer to you to express my outlook on a certain issue, also take part in the survey, are necessary for us to zabugornye weapons and military equipment or not.

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