End of the world will not be! Miscalculated!

Let's remember how many apocalyptic scenarios we covered the media. They are:

— The end of the Mayan calendar and its prophecies about the end of the world;

— Pandemic, which will leave a handful of little people and throw them on the back of several steps;

— Rise of the Machines and the victory of artificial intelligence that will destroy or enslave the human race;

— "Visit" Nibiru, galactic a homeless person;

— World War III — Nuclear War (result — nuclear winter and a new Ice Age);

— Pole shift;

— Global warming, desalination Gulf Stream and winter in Africa;

— "Visit" comet megavzryv the end of everything;

— A computer virus, crash systems and restart which will start over from 1900;

— Flares and megatons of radiation;

— The awakening of supervolcanoes, which, in my opinion, in the world; 8 fire, ashes, which obstructs the sun, lack of oxygen, and again — a catastrophic drop in temperature;

— Testing of the LHC.

It seems that listed all!

End of the world never happened, a quarter of the world upset. Inflamed imagination was not satisfied. Second quarter nearly went crazy with fear in anticipation of all the circles of hell, and now rapidly celebrating a happy continuation of life on Earth. Third quarter almost died of laughter on all of these theories. The rest did not care.

It is monstrous that the end of the world shall be appointed from time to time, as an essential component of our existence as a fun and topic for discussion. It feels like in the minds of people worked malware — viruses at the level of the pulse-spies in the human brain. It looks like a massive zombie. The public think that it distracts from the reality of housing problems, politics, social development and poverty. Doomsday theory was presented on a silver platter, sorted, polished, decorated and tied with a ribbon!

The interesting thing is that people are taking with the greatest hunting, pick up, fun, relish and smacked. These are impregnated with even children 8 years and older.

The photo image from the site of the end of the world. It is an interesting, beautiful, majestic. Apocalypse on it — as something sublime.

Question to readers is this: why, in your opinion, such an outcome many expected and constructed bunkers himself with a thick walls made of zinc? Why is it perceived by people on the "ha-ha"? After all, if you think there is no romance: the destruction, chaos, fear, mourning and death. A renewal of consciousness and the planet on which we have heard so much, if you will, affect only selected — a few percent! What type of virus in the brains of people?

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