In Shanghai there were heavy rains, hail


14.08.11.V Shanghai today afternoon was heavy rain, however, in some places in the urban areas of Pudong and Chongming was a powerful shower, and in the village pudunskom Tsaolu dumped hail and 11-ball raging storm.

The roads and residential areas were flooded, but now flooding eliminated. This was announced today at the Shanghai headquarters of flood prevention in the latest bulletin transmitted at 20:00.

Today in the afternoon, powerful storm clouds thickened again over Shanghai, Pudong in some places and Chongming rainfall exceeded the standard level for showers of 100 mm. As a result, water flooded more than 30 sections of roads and 15 residential areas in Pudong and Chongming.

According to the latest data, by 20:00 today, at 4 gauging stations located in the north of Pudong and Chongming Nanmenskom gauging stations in the rainfall exceeds 100 mm, the highest number of rain fell in pudunskom Wanganui — 179 mm, only for one hour, from 15:10 to 16:10, in the area has dropped 140, 2 mm. In pudunskom village Tsaolu also hail the size of a bean and swept 11-point storm.


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