In the forests of the district Asha rampant spruce bark beetle


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9.09.11.Ashinsky district, Chelyabinsk Region (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In the woods Asha areas have dangerous pest invasion — bark beetles.

Told the "New Region" Head protection and reforestation of the main forest management Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Arlashov about anomalies in the forest department officials said Asha forestry.

Arrived at the scene lesopatolog specialist and an expert center for protection of forests. The survey was defined lesion — only pest affected 900 hectares of spruce and fir trees.

No drugs against this pest does not exist, it only appears with an ax. That is, patients just need to cut down trees. In total, according to estimates, the ax will take about 135 cubic meters of timber. Part of it will go to the business, and the rest — will be sold to the public as a heating oil. In this case, foresters say: local people are reluctant to take on the wood dead wood, especially pine — prefer healthy trees, in addition, oak and birch have greater thermal effect than spruce or fir. According to experts, the bark beetle in the forest is always present, and its active reproduction in the current year may have contributed to the drought in previous years.

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Printer, or a large spruce bark beetle is well known among foresters, as well as the Colorado potato beetle among gardeners.

Bark beetle is one of the most dangerous forest pests. Its main food plant is the tree. In addition to developing various kinds of fir, cedar, larch.

Males with his strong mandibles to gnaw the bark inlet and arrange a cavity under the bark — the wedding chamber. It then settle females. After mating, each under the bark gnaws his mother galleries.

First scientific description of the beetle did scientist Carl Linnaeus. He called it Dermestes typographus. Later Beetle received another generic name, but species survived. Indeed, if we remove a large piece of wood with the bark, under which developed beetle colony, it can be seen clearly, strictly repetitive in structure patterns. This is reminiscent of offset printing with a single matrix.

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