In Tula destroyed Israeli party porridge for children



8.06.12.Opasnuyu child health boiled rice production Israeli company Remedia killed June 8 at the site and disposal of solid waste in Thule.

I recall that in three batches intended for baby food product Tula Rospotrebnadzor were found pathogenic bacteria, and then all samples were contaminated meals were withdrawn from trading networks.

As reported head bacteriological laboratory Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Tula region Antonina Sypchenko, "… this rice porridge could cause substantial harm to children under 1 year. In particular they can develop diseases such as septic infection and enterocolitis, which in some cases lead to death. "

According to the deputy chief of nutrition surveillance population Rospotrebnadzor in the Tula region of Anna Dudkin, "… in 2012 was examined 58 samples of baby food. Of them do not meet the requirements of 3 samples. All of them have been withdrawn from circulation. " Anna Dudkina stressed that according to the law of trade enterprises should monitor the quality and safety of products sold.

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Source: Lead Tula

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