Landslide covered an orphanage in Malaysia


22.05.11.V result of two landslides in the west of Malaysia 16 people died. In addition, nine people were seriously travmy.Proisshestvie happened at the orphanage, which is located in the state of Selangor, says RBC. Cause of natural disaster is not yet clear. Apparently, it is due to the fact that the soil near the shelter was washed out by rain, which took place in the area the day before.

The victims were 15 boys and one adult, said "". Three other employees and six children were hospitalized. They are in a serious condition. To retrieve the dead and injured from the rubble of the building rescuers took about 15 hours.

At the time of emergency shelter in and around it was 49 people, and the trap were 25 people, including 20 children. The rest managed to escape. The latest victim of the landslide was removed 12 hours after tons of earth fell on a shelter, according to RIA Novosti. Currently, the site of the tragedy continue rescue efforts.

Note that in recent years in the capital of Malaysia — Kuala Lumpur, there were several landslides. The main reasons for this phenomenon is called rapid deforestation and poor drainage systems. The largest landslide occurred in late 1993. Then he caused the collapse of a 12-storey building and the death of 48 people.

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