On Earth, about 15 percent of left-handers. Now children who have such a feature, try not to retrain, left-handedness has become almost the norm, although some inconvenience, it certainly brings.

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But it was once thought that left-handers led the devil. According to legends, the devil — is the main left-hander, who turned over all the foundations of the "right" the right of the Divine world. Then it was thought that the left side of man — the devil, for the devil is left shoulder, and for the right — an angel — a keeper. Fleeing the evil eye, we spit over your left shoulder, going "left" is wrong, wrong thing to do. Among other peoples to left-handers had the same attitude. In English, the "left" and also means "bad", "sinister", the French — "unhappy", "clumsy", the Italians — "defective."

The Inquisition first drew attention to the left-handed, and sometimes it is this feature became the only evidence of the charge of witchcraft. In Russia, Peter I banned provided testimony in court. It was believed that the left-hander, curves, and red can not call a public trust, they are outside the law, as "God is aiming rascal." In England, the woman — left-hander had to forget about marriage, because grooms shunned her, fearing that the children also are born left-handed. In Japan, long left-handedness could be a cause for divorce.

Now people are not afraid to show the feature. Many left-handed people have become rich, famous, well-known, for example, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Robertde Niro, etc. There is even a hypothesis that all the men of genius have common ancestors, associated with other high-level civilization. It is located in a parallel world that is a mirror image of ours. Children of people and the newcomers were born left-handed, but other than that inherited many superpowers of their parents. It is not surprising that they were considered witches. What exactly is left-handedness — a gift or a curse? Probably everyone has it solves itself.

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