Lipetsk region could be left without harvest



22.05.12.V Lipetsk region ugrozoy.Polya crop under attack hordes webworm.

As reported by the Department of Agriculture, the last time the invasion of pest moths in the region was noted in 1975.

Moth multiplies rapidly in the dry and hot weather, and if in the near future and will not become cold rain, pests can destroy the entire crop. Now to combat moth use pesticides, which, compared to last season, has already spent twice as much. And while some of the positive results of early to say.

A rise in the number and mass outbreaks of meadow moth may reduce yield by 60%, and sometimes causes and 100% loss of plants. Insect causes the most damage to sugar beet, sunflower, peas, corn, vegetable plants, wheat and barley.

Source: AIF

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