Miscarriage.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

The long-awaited pregnancy come, but from the moment of conception to the birth of a child must go through a long nine months. During this period, a woman could pose a serious test, the worst of which — the miscarriage, and as one of its variants — a frozen pregnancy.

The term "miscarriage" obstetricians understand spontaneous abortion for up to 37 weeks. If this happened before 22 weeks, talk about abortion, if later — a premature birth. In the first case, to fight for a child's life is meaningless, in the second — the doctors will try to do everything possible and impossible to get out of a premature infant. The diagnosis of "recurrent miscarriage" is placed in the event that miscarriage or premature birth occurred in a woman more than twice.

The causes of miscarriage can be very different: hormonal disorders, acute and chronic infections Cervical incompetence (CIN), immunological problems (Rh factor, antiphospholipid syndrome), severe chromosomal abnormalities and fetal gene etc. Correct to identify and address problems in advance, even when planning a pregnancy, having a full medical examination.

However, if miscarriage yet occurred, do not give up. Miscarriage shown above all the failure of the pregnancy in the circumstances, but does not mean the fundamental impossibility of preserving and carrying a next pregnancy. In this situation, the most reasonable to be a joint campaign with her husband to the doctor's diagnosis and treatment for those disorders that interfere with the normal development of pregnancy. In addition, within 6 months is desirable to use contraceptives to a woman's body time to recover and prepare for the birth of a healthy baby.

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