Nightingales are not singing in Belarus


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14.05.11.Traditsionnaya action "Nightingale Nights", which was held on May 14, has been postponed. At such a measure had to go to the organizers, as the nightingales in Belarus are silent …

As correspondent portal public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB), which conducts such campaigns for years, nightingales sing reluctant due to the fact that this year they later came to Belarus . The reason for this may be a cold snap in early May.

Over the last decade, this is probably the late arrival of the nightingales in the country. Expert on songbirds Vitaly Jakovich, said that in early May nightingales flew back in the 80's of last century. Then for many years the first nightingales can be heard much earlier — in late April and early May. Also cause "silent nightingales" may reduce their numbers.

The action is postponed to May 21. "APB organizes observation platform on which everyone can listen to the song of the nightingale and the opportunity to watch the feathered singer. Sites will operate on 21 May in the Central Botanical Garden, and Minsk Zoo "- reported in the organization. In Minsk, the action takes place with the support of the Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and Environment and the National Environmental Centre for Children and Youth.

The result of "Nightingale evenings" in Minsk is the development of Nightingale-2011 card. Participate in its preparation can be anyone. "To do this, he heard by chance or find a singing nightingale during purposeful trips call the APB and report the location of singing birds by phone: (+375 17) 263-06-13, (+375 17) 263-01-30, (+ 375 29) 101-68-87, (+375 29) 223-06-13 or send SMS-message to short code 0841. All send SMS, can download ringtone with the song of the nightingale, told the "APB ptushak Fatherland."

Sergei Kienya

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