It has long been proven that the future can not see exactly no one. That attempts to look into the upcoming too often end in failure. We can not possibly know that prepares the coming day. This makes some sense, but at all times were wanting to know exactly what surprises are in store for us life. And as in all times there were people willing to help those who suffer. But despite the fact that most of the predictions did not come true, and clairvoyants, and those who are trying to pass as they are often wrong, wanting to know their fate does not get any smaller. With such requests were consulted soothsayers, the most famous of whom was Nostradamus. It's hard to find anyone who was not familiar with his name. His predictions are so broad, that to this day the controversy surrounding them do not cease. However, in the books he had written many uncertainties and ambiguities that allow the forecaster followers interpret events differently. A lot of fans are engaged in a careful study and interpretation of the "Century" — works of Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus, in which he described in detail the past, present, and future, up to 2046.

Nostradamus completely dedicated himself to his life, when he was able to move away from the medical practice for a deserved rest. He wrote, "Centuries", or as they are called steel — "Centuries". It was the prophecy, which cover the period from the distant past to the distant future of the year 3797. Prophecy written mostly in drevnefrantsuzskom language, but there are some words in Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew. The work itself is written in verse form. The book describes the future of all mankind, of all countries and peoples. Here is how Nostradamus work on his creation: "I'm very connected and brought into compliance with his natural flair with long, continuous calculations. Liberates the soul, mind and character of every worry, sadness, and anxiety. And he gave my mind and without coercion, and counted it is almost the same events in the future as in the past and the present. I described everything to go through in all countries. accurately set forth all without adding anything extra … ". Much attention is currently being paid quatrains" Centuries ", dedicated to the description of events in 2001 by 2099. Maybe we can shed some light on the future of Russia and the world. aforementioned quatrain tells the story:

    "The enemies of the enemies of the faith promise.

    Do not continue protests of those newly taken prisoner.

    Prince will be killed first, the rest will be in the shirts.

    The others curse, to maintain balance. "

To interpret these lines as you like, but the followers of Nostradamus agree on this: that the war is over, the warring parties to find a compromise solution. Russia will once again be under the yoke of dictatorship. In space, a tragedy happens.

Further predictions of many decipher a way that is planned expedition to space consisting of a starship. In 2002, the UN will come from the state, adhering to the Muslim faith. In 2003, may occur several political events fallacy that only shows up with the times. Actions have led to conflict and it will become apparent by 2010. In Japan, there are problems when you try to hold the position of world economic power. Next is a description of a quatrain space accident in 2004, of whom mentioned earlier. In 2005, based on the words of Nostradamus, will become aware of a new kind of weapon, also issued a warning about planning a major war. In 2006, again there is a warning of an impending major war and that the Palestinians are beginning to aggravate the situation. In 2007, Nostradamus wrote about a possible famine, which will last eleven years. No one pays attention to signs of impending war — and in 2008, four policy murdered. Nostradamus calls to their descendants, but they refuse to believe in the prepared carefully "bomb." Records dating back to 2009 reveal the names of the four victims. The victims will be one hundred countries. Also appears on the forthcoming ban on new weapons.

Further predictions become less overwhelmed by date, but can be distinguished, which in 2021 will be rethinking the outcome of the last war, and the inevitable political unrest arise. And by 2022 will begin the struggle for leadership in politics. By 2025, the situation has stabilized, the effects of the war will not be so noticeable. And now the world on the brink of a new discovery — in 2028, scientists can discover the source of free energy in inexhaustible quantities. Around the same time there will be the first mission to Venus, but it ends in failure.

In the "Century" Nostradamus met and biographies of great personalities. They were fully describes the life of Henry II Merry. The Prophet talked about the most important events in the life of the King of France, his great victories, and also predicted the death exactly two years since it occurred:

    The young lion will overcome the old

    On the field of battle in a single match.

    He vykolet his eye in a golden cage.

    There will be a couple of fractures later die a cruel death.

All came to pass exactly. In 1559, the King of France was planning a lucrative dynastic union, he gave his daughter in marriage to the King of Spain, who at that time gained unprecedented power. In honor of the wedding party had a joust, in the tradition of the time. Happy Henry wanted to take part in a match where his opponent was the young Count Gabriel de Montgomery. As a result of the collision of copies of the two arms of Count flew off the chips, which have caused serious injuries monarch. One of them came to the king's eye, the other injured her throat. Of the wounds Henry II died three days later. Historians still can not agree in opinion, whether it was a premeditated murder, or have a place to be an accident, which happened a great many in the old days. It is also interesting the following — Earl Montgomery was in some kind of relationship with the King of France, and both were born under the sign of the lion. Remembering chestverostishie: "Adolescent lion will overcome the old …", as it happened. This match has been described in the novel by Alexandre Dumas "Two of Diana." After a self-fulfilling exactly the predictions of Nostradamus popularity has increased dramatically. To him excitedly turned dignitaries, including the first of the States. One forecaster summoned the Catherine de Medici — the mother of King Charles IX. Nostradamus arrived in Paris and was taken to court. It was the Queen horoscope and predicted that she personally sees to his sons three crowns. Hopes were realized — and Charles IX, and Henry III became king. Henry is a few years before his coronation to the throne of France was a Polish king. Here you have three crowns.

As for Russia, according to the great predictor, in 2025 will be cleared of all monuments to Lenin, people will stop to celebrate a festival date of the revolution, and the country has become the center of the revival of the Christian religion. Also in the beginning of the XXI century, many countries joined the Union, called the United Europe. In the new government will get only the United Kingdom. The country finally cease to be a monarchy, but it will turn into another state of America. Several vaguely describes a future conflict between England and France, and some commentators utrverzhdayut that description fits the incident in France and the countries of NATO, which took place under General de Gaulle.

About the United States know that they will continue to fight. After solving the "Arab" issue, will clarify the relationship with China, and to prevent the "yellow expansion." China would attack through the Caucasus and Siberia, and then to Russia will rise a difficult choice — the protection of its sovereignty, or the support of Europe …

Essay "Centuries" was the main goal in life predictor. He was born December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy (Provence) in a family of Jews who converted to Catholicism. Having received excellent medical education, began the practice of a physician to save their patients with debilitating illnesses. Michel de Notre Dame treated the sick with typhus, cholera, smallpox, plague, syphilis, and he miraculously survived. But fate took in 1537 of his wife and son, who died of the plague, and in the life of the predictor started rough patch. The Inquisition suspected of Nostradamus in employment of black magic and the Kabbalah, and he had thoroughly encrypt their works. After the death of his wife and son forecaster worked to save people from death, and he began to assume a phenomenal healer. It is widely used methods of prevention, lets not bring to the disease, which is why people have started to see it as a medium of healing gift from God. Learned about it at the royal court, and appoint as court physician and astrologer to the royal family. The last years of his life entirely devoted predictor of work on the "centuries".

Currently, there are more than four hundred interpretations of Nostradamus. Prophet himself spoke of his work as follows: "Those who come after my death, will be better able to appreciate it."

The world's only copy of the "Centuries," published in 1557, is kept in the State Library named after Lenin. There was another instance, he was kept in the Library of Munich, but when Hitler came to power, the description has disappeared. In Nazi Germany rigidly punished for reading the medieval predictions of the prophet, could go to jail. Affected by the "wrong" interpretation of descriptions and became Hitler's personal astrologer, who was sent to a concentration camp and executed. There is nothing surprising in this, because Nostradamus predicted the Nazis lot of trouble throughout the twentieth century.

But in the Soviet Union Nostradamus was very cold. Forecaster predicted the country that will be a revolution in October, the most cruel of all that has happened in the world. The country will cease to evolve, and the world will plunge by 73, in complete darkness.

Nostradamus has become the most discussed figure among the predictors. Interpretation of his "Centuries" devoted many works. He was called and the greatest visionary and great charlatan. There were fans of his gift and talent, as well as opponents. Some consider him a man with a rich imagination, one of the first science fiction. It is believed that Nostradamus became the first futurist. But the futurist with a grim sense of the world, only the negative assessment of the situation. On his predictions raid hopelessness that does not give him the prophecies objective.

But no matter what grade you can give to the predictions of Nostradamus, one can not deny the fact that his prophecies had a great influence on the cultural development of many people. The list of his famous fans appear — Johann Goethe, Boris Pasternak, Pierre Ronsard, and many others. Goethe to write the famous poem, Nostradamus used as a prototype of Faust.

Up to now unknown, who was the Nostradamus — a visionary or a charlatan clever, cleverly cashing in on the gullibility and ignorance of others. Decide for yourself, but one day the Prophet said that he would die by the bed. July 2, 1566, he suffered an attack of gout, and he was found dead next to a desk near the bed.

Nostradamus followers know a case where he just made a mistake. In one of the quatrains about XIX century astrologer said obAnglii that its capture Napoleon and his government the country will remain for many years. As already known for certain, Napoleon failed to realize predicted, he spent the rest of my life English captivity.

Work life of Michel de Notre Dame can be a time-traveler, all the cities and countries of the world, past, present and future. When predictor served at the court of Henry II, the king asked why the messages are encrypted so future descendants, what forecaster said that in this way he protects the untrained mind of a strong shock.

Greater interest in the works of the great prophet due to the fact that the fans are a lot of coincidences with the real life descriptions. There is a burning curiosity — what is in store for us next? "Centuries" of Nostradamus were read by many, the interest in his creation arose, and the victims of political repression, and concentration camp inmates. Later retellings have come to Vorkuta and penetrated the Kolyma.

Nostradamus intersect with all areas of life, knowledge about nature and space, time, and the laws governing the history and evolutionary processes on Earth. The texts indicate the presence of certain forces, which was the source of all the prophecies of Nostradamus. He wanted people to understand — every man is a particle of God. And the most important thing for people to develop morally, to treat each other with love and appreciate the freedom of choice, which is present in every one of us. While we understand the difference between good and evil, we remain human.

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