Obama will bring down Syria military might of the U.S. after their own presidential election

For the first four years of Obama's world has undergone a rigorous transformation. The wave of revolutions in the Middle East, tightly brought the world to a large-scale military conflict. But because of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, behind the scenes force of American policy in no hurry to press the button on the head of Obama. But Obama is re-elected, you can not hesitate, that the button is still powered.

In an interview with NewsBalt states recognizable Italian journalist and former MEP Dzhuletto Chiesa (Giulietto Chiesa), expressing its own forecast of political events on the world stage.

— Senor Dzhuletto, you will be able to predict what will happen in Syria, where the United States will end the presidential election?

— It is predicted that Bashar Assad would be killed. Soon enough. Immediately remove it does not work out, but the line is this — you need to kill the Syrian government. At a stroke, this is not possible, as Assad's army has been more or less cohesive. The Syrian army was much stronger than thought in the United States. Because they have chosen a policy of strangulation leisurely. Their money is endless, endless military force. Everyone who is currently fighting a war in Syria — are mercenaries. It is 25-30 thousand mercenaries who can wage war for 2-3 years.

— Who pays?

— U.S., Saudi Arabia, plus the European Alliance. They all go on a longish war.

— Russia no one is afraid of?

— I think not. They know that our homeland against, but count on the political division in the nation. You understand that Medvedev did when he gave the nod to the attack on Libya? This gave a huge result for the USA! That they gave free rein, they reasoned, since our home is broken, once the emperor was not against Medvedev, means we have to go further. Because at the moment of the situation in Syria povinet and Medvedev. I speak about it openly. Tell me, who would then recommend your president?

— But at the moment there another president …

— Putin decides steps to suspend the United States, but we need to hurry. After Syria, Iran, the Americans stormed. And it will be a general conflict that could start World War III. Now neither Our homeland, nor China can not escape the bounds of the diplomatic denial anger the United States. And the U.S. go ahead, knowing that Our homeland can not enter into Syria troops. Obama is not currently storming Syria only because he needs to win the election. And immediately after the election, he will start to operate. He did not accept solutions, then he only performer. Decide Wall Street and the City, London — two centers of power. Create chaos Yankees very profitable, as the U.S. goes to the collapse of its own monetary system. The only solution — it is a big war, which will write off all debts.

— According to you, the United States being drawn into the war and Russia China?

— In the world at present four real power — the United States, Europe, China and Our homeland. Distraught development of China says to us that in recent years no one outside of this empire will not be able to manage. After 5 years China become a strong empire in the military, technical, financial and demographic terms. Look — there is no crisis in China! And China is no threat to anybody! And once ordinary Americans will demand from their own authorities for clarification — why the Chinese are living better than they are. That the U.S. rulers fear the most. Only war with China will be able to throw the U.S. leading position. It is sad that the middle class and the Yankees agreed with all adventures of their own government, sincerely believing that the South American people should dominate the world. They live in the matrix, and if anything prevents their development, the Americans react like an animal. No thinking, some instincts.

— It is possible to stop such a development?

— I have a few suggestions in this regard. First — you need to make an alliance between Europe and Russia is not on the role of the inevitable clash of the U.S. and China. In the Russian Federation there is a military force in Europe — technology. In this vein, thought Putin on the development of the Eurasian Union lies in my concept. Only need to hurry.

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