On the island of Java activated volcano Tangkuban-prau

February 23, 2013.  Indonesian volcano Tangkuban-prau, located near the capital city of the province of West Java Bandung, again throws out one of its craters, volcanic ash newspaper reported on Saturday Jakarta Post.

According to the head of the Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Surono (Surono), by having nine craters "fire mountain" declared anxiety the first (lowest) degree. "We recommend to tourists and climbers to stay away from the crater (Ratu) of less than one and a half kilometers away," — he added.

Tangkuban-prau height of 2,084 meters above sea level, is located in the western part of the main Indonesian island of Java, is home to 160 million people. This "fire mountain"Last erupted in 1983, fortunately, while there were no casualties and considerable damage. In September last year from its crater began emissions of toxic gases that have been weakened in a few weeks.

"Now, however, Tangkuban-prau the first time (in decades) demonstrates this phenomenon (as ash emissions) ", — concluded Surono.

Source: RIA Novosti

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