Residents complain Novouzensk smell of hydrogen sulfide


11.11.11.Po some data, Novouzensk resumed its illegal refineries, closed last fall. The correspondent of IA "version-Saratov" said local resident Gulnara Utepkalieva.

According to her, the plant is located in the city and its harmful emissions "poisons the life" of its residents. "The plant is working at night. Nauseating odor of hydrogen sulfide is up to 9-10 am. Because of him, the summer is impossible to sleep: at home — like diesel fuel spilled, despite the fact that all the windows are closed. And the worst — that escape the smell nowhere … "- she laments.

Novouzensk residents appealed to the head of the district administration, district and provincial prosecutors, the governor of the region in Rostekhnadzor and other authorities, but not the substantive replies received. "Answer me, that there is a check and they sent our appeal to regulatory authorities. The secretariat of the deputy prime minister Alexander Strelyukhin we are told that our question is under special control, but that's almost half a year has passed, and the result is zero. One gets the impression that all play for time. We think this is because of the plant are powerful people, "- said Utepkalieva.

Source: Our version of the newspaper — Saratov


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