Secret of Genghis Khan’s burial

The name Chigiskhan relates a great mystery, and perhaps the most sensational find the twenty-first century. He was born in the tract Delyun-Baldock that the Onon River, about 1155. The township it has retained its name until now and be near the village Tsasuchey, in the Chita region. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, Genghis Khan was born on the territory of modern Russia. The exact date of death is known, since at the time it is accompanied by the chroniclers. It happened on August 25 1227goda.

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Well, then, begins one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind.
The ancient people, there were many ways of a secret burial of their leaders. For example, the Visigoths, in order to hide the burial place of their king Alaric, in full battle armed with countless treasures, forced the prisoners to change the channel of the river, after which they were all killed. At the funeral of the great Attila the Hun, according to legend was used three coffins, gold, silver and iron. Everyone who participated in digging the grave, destroyed. The mystery of the burial is not disclosed to the present day.

As for the funeral of Genghis Khan, there occurred a truly terrible things. For what would be the rumors of his death have not spread ahead of time, the troops who accompanied the funeral procession on the way to the main horde, killing all in its path. Only after the arrival of the main camp, it was announced about his death. And this is where the mystery begins.

It is believed that he is buried in the range Burhan Khaldun, from which originated the river Kerulen, Onon and Gol. There is a legend that being in the hunt in these places, he wished to be buried here. When the funeral procession left the main horde, it was accompanied by a special unit. The task of which, was the elimination of all living things in its path. This was true not only of people, animals, birds and reptiles — all fell by the hands of the funeral of the detachment.
Grave, strewn battle, a broken arrows cloak, put his head under the seat, there were also put a bow and a quiver full of arrows bruised. Not what kind of wealth, not a speech.

But still, the tomb of Genghis Khan, attracted and attracts many explorers and adventurers.

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