Shi Ying-Song. Unsafe toys in a series of Na Zha

Shi Ying-Song, Na Zha, unsafe toys
Chinese designer, obviously having intense cravings for the robots and weapons, Shi Ying-Song, can even make out of the pram fighting machine. Maniac? Perhaps, but their work on Unsafe Children's Accessories he puts the soul …

Through sometimes provocative installations and something that can be called household items, designer initiates a dialogue between the Chinese traditional culture, largely based on mythology and contemporary reality, with its rapid processes of globalization.

A special surprise (and someone, for sure, and delight) produce works from the series «Na Zha» — line "unsafe children's products." The most bizarre appearance have strollers, at first glance at that arise in the mind instantly association with military robots of the future.

Made of stainless steel, bristling with thorns and hung with "formidable" weapons, these products are barely perceptible in some way emphasize the dramatic relationship between natural "beginning" and artificial, to approach the man himself "the end" of life.

However, if you give the collection Shi Ying Song-more "humane" form, it is difficult not to agree that there would necessarily wish to purchase for their children as a couple of futuristic things? Designed in the modern world often makes simple objects (some mug for coffee or Scotch with logo) "cultural objects".



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