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Women who have an abortion and forced her dead "illegitimate child." Photo from

28.01.12.Razrabotannaya Government 30 years ago the program of birth control Chinese society has brought many challenges and different, negative phenomena.

Population aging is a heavy burden on the younger generation, because there is no centralized pension system. Rising generation of overly spoiled children, who are called "little emperors." Aborted babies thrown into the garbage or trash cans, and even eaten.

This policy has also created the "killer doctors" are forced to forced abortions, even in the last months of pregnancy. It's about them and will be a story. One of these doctors for some reason decided to reveal the general public yet another ugly side of modern Chinese society.

Employees of Obstetrics and Gynecology, called "angels in white coats." However, in China, many of them are forced to kill in the literal sense of the word, implementing the policies of his government.

Recently, a doctor from around the country, "points birth planning" has published an article, which can be called a confession or even cry from the heart.

In the article she gives chilling details of his work, and calls on the authorities to put an end to the "nightmare", because of which many of her colleagues cases of mental disorder.

The following is an abridged translation of her story:

"First I want to say that I have a great experience at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Before, I was always proud of his profession. Sacred duty of physicians — is to rescue people. In order to assist in the urgent care for the sick, or, as in our case with a newborn, doctors often malnourished, and enough sleep.

We often several hours fighting for the lives of these little ones. I personally returned to the lives of so many infants and saved the lives of many women in labor.

Then I even could not imagine that there will come a time when a successful reception of delivery doctor will be punished up to dismissal.

A few months ago I was sent to work in the Department of birth planning. There are rules that even if the baby before birth was only one month, and his mother does not have permission to give birth, it is impossible that the child was alive.

Dead baby in a landfill near the point of planning births. Zhangjiang City, Guangdong Province. Photo from

Previously, we tried a variety of ways that the child was born alive, and now we have to use different methods, so that the child could not survive. Our guide said that this is an order of the Government, and all of it must strictly observe and implement, regardless of whether it's easy for them psychologically or not.

At the last stages of pregnancy can not kill the fetus in the womb, it will be dangerous for her, so we had no choice but to take first delivery or caesarean, and then to kill babies.

During this time, following an order of the Government, I killed a lot of innocent children.

I remember the first time I've had an abortion, my hands were shaking badly. I could not complete the operation and gave the tools to another doctor.

When a child is born healthy weighing 3-4 kilograms, very active, small and cute, really hard to kill him. The life force, many of them very large. Sometimes zavyazhesh his mouth and nose with a bandage or just throw a bucket of water and giving head to the bottom, and he jumps out from under your arm and pops out of the water, desperately fighting for their lives. Again you submerge it under water, and he was again surprisingly slip out of hands and floats. Many people do not get killed in this way once, then they inject alcohol, air or disinfectant. Needle is inserted directly into the brain through the fontanel.

Sometimes even an hour you can not kill the baby, who, at first glance, it seems so weak and fragile. He seemed to be dead, but after some time begins to show signs of life. Whole atmosphere is indescribable. It exceeds that limit, you can mentally withstand a normal person.

Participants in these procedures, then killing children coward long arms, and stands a cold sweat. Many of my colleagues say that often come home and hide from prying eyes and wept bitterly. Many nightmares at night, or they suffer from insomnia. Some even develop a mental disorder.

In China, it is difficult to find a job with a steady income, so no one wants to go with this service, and to lose a source of income.

Of course, strictly forbidden to see it all the mothers of these children. There was once a case where the mother accidentally saw the killing of her child. She fainted, and doctors for a long time led her to.

I bitterly regret what has made, and sincerely wish that all babies who have died at my hands, and the souls of all children in the world who have died as a result of abortion, would fall into paradise, and they would take care of the Buddha Amitabha.

I also ask all who read this, if possible, extend it to other online forums, websites and blogs. This will play a role and help save a lot of little lives.

Birth planning department, which I told him this is just one of many such offices across the country. Working methods in all of them the same. "

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times

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