The defendants in the Federal Republic of Germany of spying for the Russian Federation wife put their trust that Moscow will change them after the trial

The defendants in the Federal Republic of Germany of spying for Russia wife hope that Moscow will exchange them after the trialThe accused German prosecutors of spying for Russian intelligence spouse Andreas and Heidrun Full House expects that after the trial ended, Berlin and Moscow will make a deal to exchange them. This was said by the defendants' lawyer Horst-Dieter Petchke in an interview with Die Welt.

"My client does not lose hope that such exchanges after sentencing will likely, "- said in a recognizable German lawyer, who in 70 years defending the interests of the East German spy Günter Guillaume, who held the highest office in the office of Chancellor Willy Brandt, ITAR-TASS reported.

According Petchke the autumn negotiations on the probable exchange have already taken place but have not met with success. Then, according to RIA announcements, the parties hoped to change the spouses to 2-Russians in the Russian prisoners jail for espionage.

According to German law enforcement, Andreas and Heidrun arrested in October 2011 and has been in Germany for more than 20 years. They arrived in Germany in the period from 1988 to 1990 and are expected to work outside of the Service Intelligence of, getting up to 100 thousand euros year.

"His intelligence activities Full House family — 52-year-old Andreas, received higher education in Germany and worked in the auto industry, and 46-year-old Heidrun, who gave birth to a daughter in Germany and do housework — just hide behind the facade of an ordinary family, "noted previously Die Welt.

Their goal, according to the German side, was to collect data on the activities of the EU and NATO, and the socio-political climate in the country.

For example, the Office of NATO's security qualify as hidden 5 documents sent outside of the Service of the Russian Federation intelligence. They referred to the meetings of the alliance with stamped "NATO Secret", pointed to this "Interfax".

In addition, the materials contained in the transmitted information about the activities of the European Union. Namely, through agents in Moscow obtained documents concerning the activities of the EU mission to ensure the rule of law in Kosovo.

Total wife gave Moscow a few hundred documents that established the German prosecutor's office. As it turned out, getting illegally (by corrupt officials Austrian registry office) Austrian passport to the name of Full House, Russian KGB agents, both "native to South America," came in at the end of the 1980s in Germany, where after the collapse of the Soviet Union continued to work on the 1st of the KGB, now referred to as the Intelligence Service of the outside.

During the work they successfully recruited staff Puteraya the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Raymond, who agreed to transfer the Russians in difficult financial times, it concealed information concerning the plans of NATO on missile defense, NATO reform, its structure and its operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Libya.

Has always been held for 20 to 30 secret meetings, the result of which Puteray "enriched" by 72.2 thousand euros.

According to the prosecutor, the accused were in constant contact with Moscow. To transfer the disk imaging was used satellite and Internet sites, where they, allegedly, put coded messages.

Soon after detention spouses Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution of Germany notes that Russian spies as before very active in Germany, and Russian intelligence services are constantly considering Germany as the principal object of espionage.

Their support base, pointed counter-intelligence is the Russian Federation Embassy in Berlin. In addition, the Russian special services in Russia diplomatically offices in Germany have disproportionately large — in a European comparison — personnel structure, "which confirms the importance of Germany as motivated object."

The trial of Andreas and Heidrun will begin in the Supreme Court of the earthen Stuttgart on Tuesday, January 15.

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