The forests of the Southern Urals attacks gypsy moth. Video


31.05.11.Vsego week Chelyabinsk region can not be counted several thousand acres of green space. The forests of the Southern Urals attacks gypsy moth. Control pests out foresters. What are the chances of winning the specialists with a reduced budget when many millions of voracious insects are not going to give up?

While in the neighboring forest areas killed by the fire, in the southern Urals, another killer — the gypsy moth. This is also a natural disaster, and, just as the fire mercilessly into the trees. In Forestry section by section treated area. Today, all of the Arkhangelsk forest rural settlement.

Four years ago, moths in the area killed more than a dozen acres of forest. Insects are now in the second stage of development, and every day their appetite continues to grow. Studies have shown that it is in this area has the greatest concentration of pests, so as soon as the airport will permit the aircraft to take off, will begin processing area.

Leaders Shershni forestry apply for irrigation at least 17,000 hectares of forest. However, the federal budget financial support in full has been received. Then comes to help the regional government, but the money is still not enough. In the end, save in the area will have only 3.5 hectares. Vladimir Olhovsky, deputy head of the OSU "Shershni forest," explains: "In one area treated, and this pest, when the leaves are already out of the egg, larva wind can spread to a distance of a hundred miles."

An-2 lands on a field near the treated area. Here the crew to take on board more than 1,200 kilograms of modern biological preparation. Per flight will be scattered by the substance of birch. Then a new download. So fifteen times if the weather does not let you down. "Right now, we use a biological drug to people going down to the woods," — says Natalya Kaycheva, head Smolinski district forestry.

The substance, which is used to control specialists moth, no danger to people or even for bees and other insects. Settling on the leaves, the little Swallow a tuck biological product that causes indigestion. Diarrhea completely discourage caterpillars appetite.

Blow to the silkworm has a budget can afford. But if you have to be dead trees from caterpillars, losses to the South Urals are several times higher. To full maturity moth less than a week. Counting back already gone.

Evgeny Loginov, Constantine Dedkov

STRC "South Ural"

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