The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman


The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman Photo:

11.07.11.Proshedshaya Friday remembered the people of Central Russia, including the Tula region unrestrained revelry natural disaster.

On this tragic day, along with torrential rains and thunderstorms hit the ground stages of lightning. Unfortunately, there were no casualties.

The first victim of the weather in the capital was 28-year-old visitor from Moldova. Lightning struck in his district Novospassky bridge near Paveletsky station. Apparently, the young man was born in the "shirt" — he escaped with severe burns, but survived. But the loving couple from St. Petersburg catastrophe, leaves no chances.

Severe thunderstorm struck the center of the "northern capital" for about 18 hours. Direct lightning strike killed the men and women who were hiding from the rain under a tree next to an apartment building.

The victim of an insidious heavenly electricity and became a resident of the Tula region. Around midnight in the village of Lower Romanovo Zaoksky area 50-year-old woman hurried home. It became a fatal way passed over the bridge across the river. At this time the rain poured down and lightning flashed. One of the places hit right in the "living target." Doctors arrived "soon" have only confirmed his death miserable.

At the end of this week in the region weather forecasters predict heavy rains and thunderstorms. So the probability of recurrence of accidents remains. Therefore, people need to be very careful.

How to protect against lightning

— If you are in the house, close all doors and windows, unplug appliances, do not touch the wired telephone, cable TV antennas. It is advisable not to approach the baths and sinks because metal pipes can conduct electricity. If the room suddenly flew into a fireball — freeze.

— Once on the street, it is best to hide in the house or car (only pre-dip in car radio antenna). If there is no shelter nearby, move to an open area, crouch on their heels, that being as close as possible to the ground. Just lie on the ground can not be!

— In the forest, the storm is better to trust in the low bushes, but not the trees (especially under-standing). Do not hide under the oaks and poplars. They lightning falls more often than in other trees (because of the higher conductivity). But in maple and birch lightning gets relatively rare. You should also avoid fences, tall trees, bus stops, barbecues, bicycles and other metal structures.

— Do not come to a river, lake or other body of water.

— Do not stand in the crowd. Observe a distance of at least 10 meters. Otherwise, if struck by lightning, polyagut all!

— Get rid of metal objects. Buckles, earrings, chains etc. things are better off. It is noticed that lightning often strikes the metal objects.

— If you are caught in a storm and the boat to sail to the shore you will not have time, bent down to the bottom of the boat, join feet and cover your head and ears.

— If you are in the open, high ground and suddenly hear a strange noise coming from the objects feel like electrified air, it means that lightning is about to strike! Lean forward, hands on knees (but not on the ground!). Feet should be together, heels pressed against each other (if the feet are not touching, the discharge passes through the body).

Igor Korneev

Source: KP.RU — Tula

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