The victory over Napoleon at the Berezina horde of Muscovites and ideas of modern Europe, not adopted Russian

November 23, 2012, a plenary meeting Rector of the Belarusian municipal institution, dedicated to "War of 1812" (in the current time, the authorities Belarus do not recognize the term "World War II", zapamyatyvaya really about people's (first from the peasantry), the war against foreign invaders.

At the event, according to organizers, was attended by about 150 people from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, France, Italy and Germany, including salting France to Belarus Michel Raineri, salting of in the Belarus Alexander Surikov, the representatives of the Minsk office Rossotrudnichestvo, deputy head of the Ministry of Education, representatives of the university administration and the history department of Baku State University, researchers and scientists.

Details of designated scientific meeting can be found on the website of IA REGNUM # ixzz2EOtSglDY
One of the sensations of the meeting was discussed the performance director of the French Center Napoleonic research (Grenoble) Jerome Bokura of the victory over Napoleon's Russian troops in the Battle of Berezina November 28, 1812 during which "the Swiss, French, Polish, Russian troops fought back and took a 4.5 thousand Russian prisoners of war fighter" (apparently attacked Russian the defenseless France).

Let me remind you that the word "Berezina" for the French to this day is used in the sense of failure and collapse of hope, representing the end of the myth of the invincibility of the "little emperor" and the world the greatness of the French Revolution.

Salting in France Belarus, evaluating the designated events, noting the positive role Napoleonic hikes (probably meaning the barbaric country Russia), with the laying of wreaths at the graves with the remains of Napoleonic fighter, said, "These people, these ideas — thought modern Europe, to which we now live. We now live in Europe in the world — and this is also duty of the soldier, who are here. It's not a matter of controversy or debate. "

That's right, after two hundred years of history is rewritten, and it is not clear yet whose truth will be in the books of European kids a couple of years.

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