The younger sister of the monster Nessie

The younger sister of the monster Nessie

In a couple of hours' drive from Loch Ness, in the high edge of Highland, framed by green mov ¬ cold, covered with heather and rare pine thickets, extends the deepest lake in Scotland — Loch Morar.


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It is in its crystal clear waters inhabited by "little sister" Nessie — monster called Morag. The first evidence of it, though quite vague, dates from 1887. However, the legend of the spirit, take the shape of a mermaid and protected by the pond, has its roots in antiquity. Those who have seen the amazing creature, there are not only several dozen ¬. This is due to the remoteness of Loch Morar. The shores of the lake, and now are in pristine condition. The only way to pass on its northern side.


Rumors of devilry that doest of Loch Morar, began to actively consider ¬ uted in early 1930 th ¬ ppa. Witnesses said that on the surface of the lake, they saw something that was like a besparusnoe ship, which was drawn for a one or two small boats. Local fishermen immediately nicknamed the strange phenomenon of "ghost ships." And in 1948, while nine people saw the "serpentine creature with a length of six meters by five humps on their backs." Leaked to the press and other evidence that describe the dark reptileobraznoe creation, which was moving at great speed, usually in the west, the most profound part of the lake.

However, the attention of hunters on the monsters of Loch Ness research ¬ depending on utilization Bureau Morag caught after one case that occurred ¬ th August 1969. Two friends, Duncan McDonnell and William Simpson, were fishing from a motor boat when they heard behind me a loud splash of water. Turning around, they saw a rapidly closing in on them a terrible monster with the rough muddy brown ¬ Neva skin, the snake's head and three black humps on their backs. McDonnell gave him a few paddle strokes, but the tree broke, and only after the shooting of guns made by Simpson, the monster slowly disappeared into the mysterious depths of ¬ dnyh.

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