Thinking — this is the purposeful use, development and increase of knowledge, and in a more general sense — the mental process of reflection of reality. The important role played by understanding the thinking (of other people, tools, and objects of their joint activity).

Types of thinking

Visual-thinking — The ability to solve practical problems in terms necessary for this object. Often, this kind of thinking is called the lower, elementary. It is found in the behavior of children or animals. However, studies show that visual-thinking also characteristic of many types of professional activities. With his help solve quite complex problems inventors, surgeons, leaders and commanders.

Visual-visual thinking. The basis of this type of thinking is the resolution of the problem situation using the image of the object, reproduced from memory or imagination.

Complex thinking is based on generalizations. Peculiar to children or people who are at the primitive stage of development. Under the complex thinking the same object or phenomenon can enter into a variety of systems.

Visual thinking — Way to solve intellectual problems with relying on visual mental imagery. The result of visual thinking is often the creation of new images and visual forms.

Creative thinking — A rather complicated way of thinking. Figurative may be preceded by visual-thinking for the selection of subject content of the image. When imaginative thinking precedes visual-figurative abstraction occurs and the construction of a conceptual model.

Practical Thinking committed in the course of practice. In contrast to theoretical thinking, aimed at solving abstract problems, practical thinking is associated with the solution of practical issues and is based on a generalization of practical experience.

Thinking strategy

When dealing with any problems we use one of three strategies of thinking.

A random search of. This strategy corresponds to the method of trial and error. That is, the assumption is formulated (or choice is made), and then evaluated its legitimacy. So assumptions are put forward as long as there is the right decision.

Rational bust. With this strategy, a man explores some central, least risky assumption, then, each time changing one element, cuts off the wrong direction of the search. By the way, this principle is functioning artificial intelligence.

Systematic search. With this strategy thinking man embraces mind the totality of possible hypotheses and to systematically analyze them one by one. Systematic search is used in everyday life is rare, but it is a strategy that can more fully develop plans for long-term or complex actions.

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