U.S. media said that China and Russia are preparing for nuclear war

U.S. media said that China and Russia are preparing for nuclear war

That limited South American forces can not overcome the barriers Cool War era, many of us have long guessed. Limited policies that advocate the mandatory increase in South American military budget in this regard are often prone to compose paradoxical that often borders on common sense. The writing is quite often means moving the Western media, which in the tradition of show business ready to catch a sensation in any, even the murky, political pond.

On the days are similar to «sensational» revelations acted as a limited edition U.S. as «The Washington Free Beacon». These revelations most unexpected way tied newest branch opening of the Beijing subway Celestial preparation for nuclear war. Created by Bill Gertz material calls itself the project of opening more branches of the Moscow Metro China likely indicator of a nuclear war. Say, for what else could be useful multimillion Beijing additional thread? Naturally, it only built for the Chinese people could escape from a nuclear attack or from chemical spray guns … Hunting clarify: it was not part of North Korea and Syria be? ..

The material provides «proof» that Beijing subway Chinese authorities systematically converted to the most real fortified in which Chinese citizens will be able to «ride out» the impact of weapons of mass destruction. As of the 1st of such «evidence» provides information about using the 7-ton gate, which will be able to deny access to the Beijing subway and resist penetration of toxic substances …
But if a publication in preparation for a nuclear war was «caught» in China, it could be made public if the publication is without mentioning the Russian Federation? Of course not! This and a number of similar American publications him, like incidentally, claim about a brand new step, nothing less, the arms race, which unleashes Our homeland … It turns out that our homeland provokes the whole world that is commissioning new underwater missile cruisers , kitted nuclear weapon of a new type. In other words, the sample solutions of global problems by direct intervention of U.S. troops or NATO forces — it is absolutely not even a provocation, but the fact that Our homeland is commissioning new submarines after more than 20-year hiatus — is, as you can see provocation. There would be a provocation, if the Russian fleet consisted of XXI century wood sloops and brigantines that would not go further Dark Sea …

Well, what can I say … If the apparent discovery of the newest branch of the Beijing Subway in certain circle of people in the United States raises suspicions in China preparing for nuclear war, it smells or excessive suspiciousness, or general — traditional marasmus. The same can be published in the American press, which relate to the construction of bomb shelters in Moscow. By nowhere draw disk imaging, South American media claim that the Russian authorities announced the beginning of construction in the Russian capital already 5,000 shelters from nuclear and chemical threats … Specifically, in Moscow, and particularly 5000!

If we consider that in the Capital Metro is now fewer than 190 stations, and, again, when you consider that 2020 is planned to build another 70, the value of 5,000 shelters in the capital alone, voiced by South American journalists, apparently designed for impressionable superfluous U.S. men. Specifically for them (U.S. Congress, among others) and created the publication in which declared that China and Our homeland began preparations for a nuclear war.

Say, Beijing and Moscow — are already preparing, and worse than Washington? — Let’s emphasize another couple of hundred billion for the development of the military budget, not to stay away from the world «trend» … Well, and increasing the national debt even wait. Expected for decades, and still wait. In the end, it generally can be done at the legislative level anlimitnym, and more — at least not grow grass.
If anyone questions remain about the purpose for which in the American media disk imaging messages occur about someone preparing for a nuclear confrontation, the quote which appears below, is intended to dispel all doubts:

«The current South American authorities have done little to enhance the security of people in United States, preferring to outdated concepts. South American territory remains vulnerable to attacks by Chinese and Russian. «

Dog is a buried there, where spreads criticism of the South American president, who decided to go towards reducing the military budget. The material indirectly calling chapter country «think again» because «scary Russian and Chinese» threat now than ever, real and can be realized in respect of the American people.

Creator of the «messages» Barack Obama, as already noted, is Bill Gertz. This South American journalist media such as The Washington Times and Fox News, specializing in issues of national security. Favorite topic for the past decade, Bill Hertz was the theme of the Chinese and Russian military threat to the United States. It had to be noted in several books in which carefully outlines his version of how the Russian handed weapon of mass destruction to Iraq and Syria, for help from the Russian Federation in terms of development of the Iranian nuclear utilities that about the whole pro-Iranian spy network operating in the United States, about the arms race while unleashing or China, or Russia, but not the United States and NATO …

In general, Bill Gertz — the real hero of the information war, and its another information «bomb», he again decided to use to replenish the South American military budget. Now have to wait, as will be impressed by the new South American power «revelations» of the person to whom the United States are accustomed to listen.
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