UFO picks Crimea

UFO picks Crimea! Witnessed an unusual phenomenon became citizens of Yalta and the rest — in the evening flew over the city and a ball of fire sparks scattered over the sea. He moved silently. As always, go the traditional talk of UFOs. However, in the Yalta Department of Astronomy and Geodetic Society denied the rumors. Experts believe that it was an ordinary space "garbage", which is above our heads in excess.

Now, in the space is 7,500 objects, each of their meeting with other celestial bodies, generates thousands and thousands of pieces. It is said that even if the cessation of all rocket launches, resulting in a chain reaction in the number of fragments for a double century. There is a serious threat to the new missions at low orbits.

But this fact is not likely to interfere with flying saucers, took a fancy to the Crimea. If Yalta is clear, it remains an unsolved mystery of Alushta, where the middle of the night, to the amazement of the rare passers-lovers UFO hung over an hour station. And was not going to fall apart.

In Alushta, by the way, an expedition of the St. Petersburg Scientific Center for the Study of abnormal natural phenomena, students interested in the information. Scientists care less stories guys — they could invent something, make a mess. But the dish, landing on a slope, leaving traces — the grass was scorched, blackened plants. The composition of the raid on the greens, which could not wash away even the numerous rains now examine chemists.

"The study of the unknown natural phenomena has long been banned — says V.V.Bobrov ufologist. — Now we are talking about the issue in full voice. Just do not treat it as something fantastic. Gathering the material, its analysis, in short, is a serious job. "

Crimea increasingly appeared in the reports, marking the emergence of a UFO. And it did not start yesterday. There is evidence of Plutarch about how UFO scare famous Bosporus King Mithridates. A few hours before the battle, "the sky suddenly opened wide and it seemed a great body of fire, which swept down into the gap between the armies of the enemy. The shape of the barrel, it was like, and the color — molten silver. Opponents terrified sign, went without a fight. "

In Dzhankojsky region faced with a plate of worker Nicholas Grooms, when he went to stay with relatives in a nearby village, "Only went down into the ravine, I see something dark ahead. It was a great device, around which there were unknown creatures. At first thought the movie was filmed. Then the spacecraft turned on the light and everything was in full view. Barely managed to escape. "

In Theodosia engineer Gennady Somov this view: "I was on one of the flying saucers. I was gone at night, with little or no clothing in this form and return.

Kidnapping from Earth lasts a long time. This is done for two reasons. Extraterrestrial civilization needed supply of building material for the habitation of other galaxies and need the energy contained in living beings, to feed the special fund.

Extraterrestrial civilization believes that our planet is doomed. Due to leakage of space-based information, we have taken a giant leap forward in the opening of the mysteries of the atom, which ultimately will lead us to ruin. A child should not be given into the hands of a match, if he does not understand what it is.

From meetings I have concluded that the selection of earthlings is not in the physical and not mental faculties, and the energy reserve of the people that can vary in the hundreds, and even thousands of times. "

Tells the vacationer in the Crimean pension "Blue Bay" Mikhail Markov: "At night, I woke up with a huge desire to swim. Since the pension itself is on the Black Sea coast, had no problems, but I wanted to go somewhere far away, and I went to the frog's Bay.

Another approaching this bay, I heard a strange hum, compare that with what I do not presume. In a matter of 100-150 meters from the coast at a distance of 3-4 meters from the water hanging something very reminiscent of pith helmet, but more rounded and flat. At what — that a new weapon it was not like (I know a little about this — finishing MATI). I watched this "something" for 15 minutes. Then decided to approach and inspect it. Fortunately for me, the night was not dark, occasionally moon appeared from behind the clouds.

It seemed to me that I have ever sailed, and partly because it was — I was sailing very slowly, because I even felt sick with fear. As we approach more and more distinct and stronger was a palpable buzz. When I swam up to the body, it turned out that it hangs at 3 meters from the water. Back in the time when I was swimming, I noticed that the surface of the water as if phosphorescent. I do not know what it was called, but I was sure that I was being watched.

Swim there for at least half an hour, I was about to swim to shore, but saw that the center of the circle began to move down a cylinder. After reaching the surface of the water, he revealed, that is, one half gone for another. And then finally it dawned on me: I am invited to enter.

For a moment, wanted to dart, to swim away, but suddenly, as if someone subjected me to his will, I walked into the cylinder, the second half closed, the water is instantly gone, and I felt that the climb up. A few seconds later boom is over, the cylinder is opened, and I saw that I was in a room that is least like a room of the aircraft.

A little around the core, I was in the room knows what and where lit, which had two chairs, and something like a great seat along the wall. Chairs were very unusual shape, inside their hum heard in the soft, almost imperceptible way.

At that moment I despaired understand anything, a voice from nowhere. I was asked not to be afraid, assured that I will not cause harm. Statement did not have to tell me — for me it was known. Basically, I'm asking questions.

As I understand it, they are not of this galaxy, with some constellations … Of course, that was somewhat clouded consciousness … What they showed me did not fit into the framework of our cinema. It was as though in reality, that is, had the volume, make sounds, etc.

I realized that they were able to control the field of gravity, and much, much more. What is the body — robotic machine that is sent here to perform well-defined tasks. When I asked why they did not directly come into contact with us, I was told that at that level, where we are, it is impossible that this will bring us a lot of trouble.

When a lot has been found, I asked the question — if I wanted to leave the Earth and enter into a higher civilization? They said that they have enough inhabitants of the earth.

I declined and thanked them, and then still say that with the return — with pleasure. But it turned out that you can not do.

I was very kindly taken in the same way in the water and I swam to shore. When I was on the beach, dazzling bright light shone all around, and I was able to get out safely. "

To believe or not to believe these stories? Who knows … But there is no reason not to trust the military test pilot Leo Vyatkina: "Rendezvous took place in the air during night operations in the Crimea. I took off on a fighter-interceptor to perform a training flight. It was 23 minutes to an hour. Specify its location, it reported on the head of operations and smoothly entered the car in the left turn.

There was a moonless night. My plane was half completed and bend the edge of the cockpit was now looking towards the sea. Far below, a curved horseshoe gleamed fiery Yalta. Habitually controlling reading flight instruments. Over the chair back armor noise working engine.

And in that moment, I saw something that bothered me for a long time afterwards, forced again and again to seek an explanation for what happened. I saw it, when, looking up from instruments, looked forward: a large bright object in the form of a glowing oval "latched on" to my left.

Finding such close proximity, I immediately requested flight director: "Who is in the area?". He said that apart from me there is no one in the area, all aircraft have landed.

Trying not to lose sight of the UFO, I shifted the car into the right turn. Dodging the dangerous approach, I tried to determine where the object is moving. But after a few seconds he was the "go out", and as if it was done from the inside, using the rheostat.

After completing a turn, my plane back to the starting point. After some hesitation, I finally decided to complete the flight mission. At the same time tried to be very careful. The latter proved very useful.

As soon as I set the desired course, speed, and added the turbine speed is somewhere above the white light flashed and immediately after it appeared in front of a slightly tilted milky white beam. He was fast approaching and I do not take away the bank on time, certainly would have poked him in the nose or, more correctly, the aircraft cabin.

Still, I got into a ray of the left wing. Thus, despite the high rate of closure, I clearly saw and felt something strange. White beam as soon as he touched the wing instantly crumbled into small sequins resembling shimmering placer fireworks. My plane was badly shaken. Devices are alternately off-scale to the left and to the right with the frequency of the metronome, a few seconds later everything was gone — and light, and the beam, and UFOs.

By the sense of shock that I experienced when in contact with the beam, and by the way the off-scale steel arrows on the dashboard, you can make the assumption that it was not a ray of light, a glowing gas, magnetized rod.

It is interesting that my story among pilots always seen calmly. However, some have suggested it is sensible package. For example: UFO brings his magnetic beam-gas probe. Directing him to the ground, he probes and reads a wealth of information about the surface, biomass, temperature, pressure, humidity, radiation, energy and other parameters that are then fed into the machine's memory blocks.

It is worth noting that UFOs over Crimea appear quite frequently, and over the sea near Sevastopol recorded another ball to the effect of the beam. "

So what is a UFO — Myth or Reality? Anyway, this phenomenon needs to be carefully examined, aided ufologicheskiye centers and laboratories. And there is no fact is left unattended. Mystery space — like a mosaic in which each stone is important.

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