Underground civilization

The mystery of underground civilizations revealed — almost certainly can say. Indeed, many researchers and scientists of our time have concluded that we are not the only intelligent life form on the planet. Facts ancient times, as well as research scientists of the twentieth and twenty-first century, argue that the underground since primitive times to the present day, there are mysterious underground civilization.

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Representatives of civilizations, for whatever reasons, have not been in contact with representatives of the world, however, has repeatedly reminded himself. The people on this occasion there were legends about the strange and mysterious people who periodically came out of the caves. Among other things, humanity is little doubt about the existence of unidentified flying objects, often flying out from the depths of the seas or from the bowels of the earth.

NASA researchers, along with scientists from France, discovered the existence of the underground cities, with a network of tunnels that extend for tens or even thousands of kilometers of mountain Altai, Urals, Perm region, South America and the Tien — Shan. And it's not the city that collapsed over time and were covered by forest, it is cities that are unknown to mankind constructed way directly into underground formations. One well-known researcher of Poland said that a network of underground tunnels that lead is in any country.

Tunnels created with the help of high technology that is unknown to people, and are both under the surface of the land and under the seas and oceans. Tunnels like burned to the ground, have a smooth shape of the walls and have phenomenal strength. According to many researchers, in these passages from one end of the world to another, flying UFO. Furthermore, different parts of the world discovered in direct wells similarly walls. The depth of the wells up to several hundred meters.

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