Object 221. Emergency command post Soviet Black Sea Fleet

Object 221 — another ghost Cool War, another "Crimean war magic of light" are striking and present no one being needed.Object 221 (other names — "Alsou" object "Nora" height 495) — once a top-secret underground city, able to withstand a nuclear war, which was built as a replacement for the command shell Fri Soviet Black Sea Fleet. They say that in addition to transferring command of the fleet, the object 221 was intended to cover the same role for VIPs. In short, "if tomorrow the war", that was evacuated to the top of the party and the "cream of society",

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Crude steel production in Russia up to 47.5 million tons

As reported in September 2012 Rosstat, steel production in Russia has increased since the beginning of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011 by 4.4% to 47.5 million tons.

At the same rental produced 41.7 million tons (5.6), pipe — 6,3 million tons (down 10.1%), pig iron — 33.8 million tons (6.7%).

Production of metallurgical coke increased by 0.2% to 18.2 million tons.

Manufacture of machinery for January-April 2011 increased by 1.5 times

 Photo source:perm-most.ru

The increase in production in January — April 2011 by tractor, agricultural, logging and road construction machinery according to the profile of the Committee of Russian Engineering Union averaged 51.4%. The increase in production achieved in virtually all types of tractor, agricultural, road construction, materials handling, except for combine harvesters, excavators and cranes. The largest growth during this period showed tractors for skidding (3.4 times) bulldozers, pipe layers (3.3 times) crawler tractors (3.1 times) wheel tractors (2.3 times) plows and cultivators (2 times).

 Photo source:woodbusiness.ru

The decrease in production for combine harvesters, excavators and tower cranes

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Facility 195 (T-95)

Added a video.

Object 195, he is recognized as the T-95 or the project "Improvement — 88", had to be on the plan of developers promising Russian tank of the 4th generation. Engaged in the development of the tank design bureau in Nizhny Tagil UKBTM. Unfortunately, disk imaging on this project because of the secrecy of the development is very blurred, but something that is already available in print. There is evidence that the car had already passed the municipal tests in 2008, and in July 2010 was held a private screening of the tank at the "Defense and

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Ice jams in Michigan

January 31, 2013. Congestion of ice blocks on the Muskegon River in Michigan, caused flooding in towns which have resulted in damaged homes of local residents. Luckily the people were not injured.

People who live in close proximity to the river, were evacuated yesterday. Among the evacuees were two elderly women who were hiding from the rising water on the second floor.

Mike Entszer, who has lived here for 26 years, said that he had never seen such a flood, like what happened on Wednesday.

— I did not think I would see one day is when I

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Fish kills near Voronezh. Video


20.07.11.Karasi, rudd and pike lie on the bottom or float down the river belly up.

Holidaymakers on the beach there. Installed everywhere a sign: "Swimming in Tolucheevke strictly prohibited." For local children is a real tragedy. After all, the boys spend their free time on the river.

Ivan Black, a resident of the village Shuttle:

"Bathing here, there were many people. Normally. I do not even climbs out of the water. Net was. But now it is not clear at all. A swamp. "

Water in Tolucheevke first turned yellow, then turned red. Immediately after that, the fish

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Production of solar panels under the auspices of Ochakovo. Not a single beer …..

This photovoltaic cells — semiconductor devices that convert solar energy into direct current. Simply put, these are the basic elements of the device, which we call the "solar panels".

How to make solar cells for space (27 photos)

  With the help of these batteries work in space orbiting satellites. Do these batteries in Krasnodar — at the "Saturn".

The company in Krasnodar part of the Federal Space Agency, but has "Saturn" "Ochakovo", which literally saved this production in 90 years.

Owners of "Ochakovo" bought a controlling stake, which had nearly gone to

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Thrush (candidiasis)

It happens that a woman begins to feel the growing itching and burning vulva, which are accompanied by white, cheesy discharge. Most likely it's thrush or vaginal candidiasis (yeast fungi by name — Candida albicans). These fungi, in the opinion of many experts, may be part of the normal vaginal microflora in low quantities. However, breeding in large numbers on the mucosa of the vagina, these fungi cause the symptoms of thrush. Favorable conditions for the occurrence of yeast infections may begin to decline in the immune system, poor nutrition, hormonal background etc.

Itselfthrush assumes no particular danger,

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Object 188M

December 8, 2009 tank "Object 188M" was presented by Vladimir Putin before a meeting on the development of Russian tank design, which was held in the "Tank capital" of — the town of Nizhny Tagil. Highlighting the visit of the President of the Government, the journalistic fraternity many "cracked" the commander of the serial version of the T-90A MBT running program-technical complex built in automatic control system for the tactical level, but the "Ehmke" standing on the demonstration site GDVTS next to the T-90AK, and which represented a real, genuine, show a sensation — not a word!

"Object 188M"

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Planets and comets in the SOHO. Video


This video was made up of clips from the site of SOHO. They show different comets and planets moving in front of the thermal imager SOHO. This is not a UFO. If this would have been the ships operated by reason, then we would have no predictable trajectory poleta.Esli you watch all the comets, you may notice that every time the sun reacts flash when approaching objects close enough.

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