At one point in Europe: goulash as a Christmas gift. In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

The word "turn"We usually associated with a socialist planned economy as its unpopular attribute, which is the emblem of desire and the broad masses of people's use of scarce products. But the phenomenon, as it turned out, just taking root in the country with a market economy in a family of democratic European countries — the EU, despite the ingrained stereotype of well-fed and prosperous state of the "civilized world", which is the main motivator in the desire to become a member even though ally even a candidate for the EU Member States allies, if only to move along

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Fire Department of St. Petersburg has received new cars

February 18, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko handed the keys to new cars purchased by the city budget for the departments of fire protection in St. Petersburg.

Just governor paid a working visit to the St. Petersburg City Monitoring Center of the Committee on law and order and security and the Center for Crisis Management of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in St. Petersburg.

The Center for Crisis Management was organized direct on using video conference call with the National Center for Crisis Management. In 2011, the General Office of Ministry of Emergency

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Fire Service Amur region received new equipment

Road vehicles, equipped with breathing apparatus and rescue tool, set off on Feb. 16 fire stations in the northern regions of the Amur region. As the head of the civil protection and fire safety of Victor Gerasimov, a car made on the basis of Ural, the other on the basis of GAZ.

Beginning in 2009, the regional government has worked to create 62 fire stations, resulting to date fire divisions reserved all settlements of the region.

In the first half of 2012 according to the plans for the long-term target program "Fire Safety in the year

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One nuclear button for two

Britain and France conspired together to use their missile submarines (SSBN) In order to deter potential adversaries. This idea, for the first time put forward by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, have aroused the enthusiasm of the current government England. The British did not have enough funds to upgrade its own fleet of SSBNs, and they allow for the possibility of alternate alerting own and French submarines. In the case of this project for the first time in the history of the two majestic powers would keep one hand on the nuclear button.

Sarkozy proposed the idea of sharing strategic

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One version of the explosions in Turkmenistan: detonated military arsenal

In Turkmenistan 20 kilometers from the capital, Ashgabat explosions occurred. As told in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic the other day, in the evening, because of the heat in the districts of the town Abadan warehouses exploded with pyrotechnics. At the request of local authorities, victims and victims. The population living in the vicinity of a particular warehouse were evacuated.

Meanwhile, according to human rights activists in Abadan detonated military arsenal. A witness is said that in the town of severe damage, a lot of dead and the wounded, there was panic among the population. "Let

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Mine ship with a unique body laid in Russia

On Mid-Nevsky Shipyard ship mine laid Defence new generation feature of it is the world's largest body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion, the press service of the company.


Ship Mine Defense (CSI) Project 12700 designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz". It is designed to find and destroy mines at a safe distance to the ship. The vessel belongs to a new generation of ships CSI.

The project calls for the formation of anti-mine 12700 loop with the latest high-performance sonar placed both on the ship and on the remotely operated

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Dust storm in Arizona. Video


6.07.11.Paru unpleasant hours people had to go through Arizona. This U.S. state has covered dust storm. Shots coming out like a scene from Apocalypse. Dense gray cloud of tens of kilometers wide quickly enveloped the residential quarter of the city, one by one hiding skyscrapers. Storm was accompanied by strong winds, valivshim trees and pylons.

Some consumers remained without electricity, reports NTV. With big disruptions worked railways and airports. Some passenger liners storm caught already on approach to the band, and the pilot had to quickly change course.

Source: NTV

Uploaded by RussiaToday, date: 06.07.2011

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Indonesia: Livni flooded the presidential palace

January 17, 2013. From December to March, in Indonesia it is better not to go? the wet season. But if there was a need, then you can go light, taking only beachwear. Umbrella is better to leave? still does not help.

On the island of Java rains are not as strong as in Sulawesi, but still sufficient to vymoknut from head to toe.

Livni, who charged the now, even the country's president called anomalous. It can be understood? the presidential palace in Jakarta was flooded, level Water smokers reach 30 cm

If it is customary in the Indonesian

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The U.S. government is hiding the truth about UFOs

A team of U.S. experts has demanded from the U.S. government to make public "evidence visits Earth by aliens"

"The Hour", 14.05.2001, Riga, N111

Last week a group of retired U.S. military and civilian pilots and intelligence personnel, has demanded special congressional hearings devoted to "the greatest mystery of the XX century" — alien visits to Earth. According to experts, over the last 50 years the U.S. government has carefully concealed the truth about these visits. In the group, dubbed Project Disclosure (project "Disclosure"), about 20 people, and they all believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. This, according

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Why did the fish in the lake New


New 23.06.11.Prishel Lake that used for the recycled water CHP with a fishing rod, I often do in catching bream and white bream. But this time the rod was not necessary, since the surface of the water found a lot of dead brush, of which scored a bucket as evidence. What happened to the lake? Why did the fish? Nikitin

Vyacheslav Viktorovich The question we first asked the head of the department of ecology and nature Severodvinsk administration EV Mayorov, who explained that there was no natural disaster on Lake New is not fixed. — And for the sake

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