Preparing for an earthquake in the U.S.

February 7, 2013. More than 2.7 million man currently time prescribed preparing for an earthquake, up to simulate the recommended safety measures during tremors in nine states — Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Mississippi.

We invite you to join the millions of people who will descend to the ground, closed down protection and will keep it on yourself, at 10:15. AM February 7, 2013 in 2013 , during the "Great Central U.S. shake-up"!

Last year, more than 12.5 million man participated in exercises around the world. Exercises are a great way for your family

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Developed and tested a kinetic energy storage for energy-intensive industries

Kinetic energy accumulator

The company "Russian superconductor» ( has developed an experimental model of kinetic energy storage device (SCE) and conducted its tests. Power consumption of the drive was about 4 MJ, in its composition was used as a motor-generator three-phase asynchronous electric machine capacity of 22 kW.

During the tests verified the ability of innovative products operate in different modes, required major potential consumers drives. Among them — the mode of operation as a high-speed dynamic uninterruptible power supply, power recovery mode, the mode of "pick-up" dips and swells of power supply (including multiple drawdowns row). Behavior

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Developed an adaptive 3D-display

The three-dimensional display, capable to adapt to the user, the Laboratory developed ultrafast optoelectronics and information processing LPI together with engineers Samsung Electronics Research Center in Moscow. Basic (they breakthrough) benefits of development — "naturally" shaped volume image for each user, the maximum possible for this technology alignment settings of focus and angle of convergence of the optical axes on the subject and the high efficiency of the system.

The idea of creating a display capable of self-adjust to the person belongs to the employee LPI, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Andrew PUTILINA"When

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Armourer Kalashnikov was in intensive care

Gun designer Misha Kalashnikov hospitalized and is in intensive care. On it informs RIA announcements with reference to the referent Kalashnikov Nicholas Shklyaeva.

"On Thursday, he was in intensive care, but I do not know what specific clinic," — said Shklyaev on Tuesday, December 25. According Shklyaeva, designer felt myself worse in March 2012 and is now finished work.

According to Lifenews, Kalashnikov hospitalized in the Republican Clinical Cardiology Clinic of Udmurtia. At first he went to the clinic for routine examination.

"During the clinical examination it became worse. He no longer young, risk in such cases is not safe,

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India and Japan against China be friends

To deepen military ties between India and Japan over the entire range of issues Army Chief of Staff General Bikram Singh of India (Bikram Singh, pictured) in February, will make four-day visit to Japan, reports The Times of India on February 1.   «Military and strategic partnership with Japan to a new level. February 11, General Singh met with the defense ministers of Japan and senior military officials to discuss ways the forthcoming development of bilateral ties. He will also visit some Japanese defense sites, «said a spokesman for the Indian government.   The visit will take place against

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Strong earthquake in Japan caused changes in the Earth’s ionosphere


11.10.11.Razrushitelnoe earthquake that struck Japan in March this year, the impact on the upper atmosphere before as tremors were reported on the ground. This is the conclusion reached by Japanese scientists at the University of Hokkaido. The article was published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Scientists hope that this discovery can be used to prevent subsequent earthquakes. The researchers found that during the movement of the earth's crust formed and tsunami waves that reached ionosphere — one of the highest layers of the atmosphere.

Now surveyor and geophysicist Kosuke Heki (Kosuke Heki) from Hokkaido University reported that

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Latvia has seen the Northern Lights. Photo


Photo from:

27.09.11.V Monday about the morning in many areas of Latvia could see the Northern Lights. The last time this phenomenon has been observed in the country on the night of August 6.

According to the Latvian Centre for Environment, Geology and Meteorology, September 27 morning temperatures on the west coast of Courland was 16 degrees, and in Vidzeme seaside — up to 14 degrees.

As the weather forecasters, in most of the Latvian air temperature ranges from +9 .. 13 degrees. Coldest night of Monday to Tuesday was around Rezekne Kārsava: only 5 degrees.


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Disenchantment with Rain

Nothing, probably, "Rain" has invited me to visit Zhores Ivanovich Alferov.

They had planned to talk to him about the current topics of our time, which excite all progressive society, not only in our country but throughout the world.

At first, of course, and the role of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

Zhores started talking quite outrageous things that the world of the Slavs as a result of the idiocy of what happened 20 years ago, was split. The fact that the ROC does a great job combining the Slavs, that during the war, people were thrown

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By the Earth approaching asteroid


17 .10.11. U.S. National Aerospace Agency (NASA) informs the approach to Earth asteroid 2009 TM8.

This celestial body has a diameter of 8 meters and will pass by the Earth on October 17. Experts believe that there is no danger of a collision with an asteroid. The minimum distance is 346 thousand kilometers.


Killer Satellite shows Death Defying Russia


23.09.11.Poterpevshy accident U.S. satellite will fall not on Moscow, and the Indian Ocean, calms "Roskosmos". However, on the last day before the fateful day the press conference, some experts have made several other predictions.

Recall that falling satellite is expected on September 17. Moreover, as per NASA, it had to happen in central Russia. However, the satellite stayed in orbit — to the 17 th of it is down to an altitude of 200 km, but still continued to fall, circling for each day of the fall a few times around the earth.

The next date was named the

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