80% of imported fish afflicted with worms


18.09.10.Ni one of the buyers of fish is safe today from an unpleasant surprise — a pair of three worms in the carcass bought fish.

For us — the shock and bad feeling, control authorities — a normal situation. It turns out that there are two or three worms in fish — is the norm!

Readers of "Events" are increasingly complaining that were on the market in Simferopol fish are worms. Thus, according to the pensioner Lyudmila Mikhailova, last Saturday, she went to the market for herring. "I brought the fish home was clean, and I was already bad when coupled with the inner self bare hands pulled from the belly of worms …" — the woman said.

According to another resident of Simferopol, Natalia, a market she bought fresh walleye, which gutted the home, and also found it an unpleasant surprise. "I know that worms are often found in herring. And how to understand their presence in fresh fish? Where is the norm, and is it possible to have a fish? "- Asked the girl.

The fact that the fish market is infested with parasites, recognized and sanitary services. As reported by "event" Head of State of the Central Laboratory vetsanekspertizy market Simferopol Olga Chapple, checking to be marketed fish are mainly anisakids, which can be found in the fillet and peritoneum. "Vector larvae anisakids is sea and ocean fish — sea bass, mackerel, mackerel, capelin, herring of all kinds, cod, hake. The incidence of sea fish, especially imported (Norwegian, Dutch), is 80%, "- said the head of the laboratory. She stressed that the worms in fish — business as usual. Spelled according to the sanitary rules, from 2004 to the maximum number increased from 1 to 5 kg of fish parasites. "If you find more than 5 non-living worms or their larvae in 1 kg fish fillet it was immediately sent to the technological process: ambassador or canning" — explained the "Events" O. Chaplya. At the same time, the existing sanitary rules do not specify a valid number of dead worms in the peritoneum of salted fish. Previously, the presence of 30 parasites per kg of product once it was removed from sale.

The eyes see

To find out if the fish parasites, impossible. But did give up fish dishes not worth it. 3.2 The presence of worms in the herring is not dangerous to human health, assure sansluzhby. But stale fish may affect the condition of the body. Therefore, specialists, especially in the summer, advise to look closely to this purchase. "Look into the eyes of the fish first. They should be prominent, clear and transparent. Dull, sunken eyes — a sign of old age, "- said A. Chaplya. According to her, the skin of fresh fish should be brightly colored, with a tight hold on, not dried scales. Anal orifice — clean body — elastic, and after pressing a finger — to return to the original state.

The gills should be bright pink or red with no white mucus. While fresh fish has a sweet flavor. The product with a strong "fishy" odor should be abandoned.

We salted herring eyes should be red, gills, on the contrary, more dull than that of fresh skin — steel-blue, no rust shade. Brown stripes on the skin indicate stale products.

For the prevention of fresh fish, especially the ocean, a good boil or fry. At a temperature of 100 ° C, worms and larvae are killed. "The larvae of worms are killed and at -25 ° C. And if fish sleep dry salt, the death of parasites occurs within days. You can use a 0.5% solution of vinegar, the larvae will die in it for a few hours ", — said A. Chaplya.

Maria Kirpichenko

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