Ashuluk reeling from all of the Astrakhan region


31.01.12.Zhiteli Astrakhan region complain of daily earthquakes that ustaivayte military, blowing every day Ashuluk range of about 1400 tons of ammunition. 

Astrakhan scare dancing chandeliers and doors in the apartments in the area Harabalinskom people feared that the vibration will destroy their homes. Intervene promised the chairman of the regional government.

Earthquakes local scale

Konstantin Markelov Harabalinskom visited the area last week. As the portal organs of state power, during a private meeting with the Prime Minister, many residents are outraged at the "too active demolition landfill Ashuluk": homes shaking walls, windows, people are simply afraid of that, because there is a strong vibration can go crack .

According to official figures, at the site on the day to eliminate 1,400 tons of explosives. Vice-governor promised to settle the matter. Held talks with the head of the military and Harabalinskogo area Vladislav Vinogradov. He told the "CC", which has already managed to agree on reducing the volume of exploding ammunition.

Meanwhile Astrakhan also felt by as fever Ashuluk.

— I live on Kulikova at number 13 on the ninth floor. On Monday, at about 17.30, our house is badly shaken. Neighbor even books on the shelves pressed not to fall — said our reader Galina Zamyatin. — It was a lot of stress, I'm very upset. And my daughter lives on Yablochkov. There too much shaking — she was afraid. And it is my stroke. She can not survive at all.

People went to the streets and experience the Star.

— It was not yet six when my apartment as it bounced floor. I thought at first it seemed to me, but then noticed the chandelier swinging strongly — shared Tatiana Zinin.

In the regional Emergencies Ministry have confirmed that they regularly receive calls from frightened people and explain to them the nature of the earthquake, but the impact on the military can not. All complaints shall be transmitted to the military prosecutor.


On Ashuluk auditors arrive in Moscow

Not in a good training ground delivered many famous and local human rights concerns: after several appeals Regional Committee of Soldiers' Mothers military prosecutor has reviewed and confirmed the numerous violations of the rules for welfare of soldiers.

— I would say that military prosecutors unprecedented decision: first, they never recognized the fact that in Pleven camps Ashuluk violate the law and the rights of men, — the legal adviser of the regional Committee of Soldiers' Mothers Anatoly Sahlin.

In particular, prosecutors discovered that the tent camp is littered in tents as a mess, because the soldiers have nowhere to put my things (the beds do not have lockers), in the kitchen preparing people without health certificates, drinking water in the tents there, etc.

— We received a response from the Commissioner for Human Rights, which states that the Minister of Defense agreed verification Ashuluk. It will be held in the first quarter of this year. To this end, we will come Commission delegated to the Commissioner for Human Rights, — stated Anatoly Sahlin.

"Komsomolets Caspian", № 9


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