DJ-Alien: The Stranger. Video


Very rare song, blow off while you can, hit the 90s

I loved to wander one
The crowded streets in the crowd
As the finger of human recovery.
I feel good, when there
Can not tell who the enemy who is a friend
I'm a stranger in the crowd all my salvation.

I feel good, when no one knows exactly
Who am I
I like to be in absentia
In the crowd of man.

I am here, I do not need anyone drop
Formless spot
And if I suddenly disappear,
I do not remember anybody.

I'm a stranger here I'm there stranger
As a disabled deaf-mute
Expanse forgotten my way A human crush.

Where people are spoiled and over again
Each other blue blood
And so it is unreliable rate.

I do not take a ticket and do not ask for forgiveness
As if I do not, I like the reduced
To any question, no it does not answer
And in neither of which I do not take seriously.

I do not have nothing, nothing nado.Ya just strange.
Completely strayed from the herd
I live by itself.
I do not want anyone here, I drop, formless spot.
and if I suddenly disappear, I do not remember anybody.

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