Earthquake record force in Australia

Earthquake record force in Australia Natural Disasters

According to seismologists happened in South Australia, a 6.1-magnitude earthquake was the most powerful in the past 15 years. The epicenter was located near the Museum of Aboriginal Art "Ernabella" at 317 km south-west of Alice Springs, 227 km south-east of Uluru and had a depth of 3 km. Representatives of the tribes living in the region, reported a strong jolt, which lasted about 30 seconds. Fortunately, nobody was seriously damaged.

The last earthquake of such force happened in the west of the continent in 1997 and swept by a 6.3 magnitude. Then, as now, it was caused by the movement of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate. Some locals claim that this is not the first sign of seismic activity for the last week, as confirmed by information from monitoring stations, fixed the excitement of 4.3 and 3.8 points on 16 and 20 March respectively.

Mount Uluru.

Each year in Australia there are about 200 earthquakes and more points, happens every two years, at least one 5.5-sore earthquake. Last time after the accident casualties were only in 1989, while 13 people were killed. The most powerful earthquake (7.3 magnitude) in the new history of Australia refers to 1941, its location — Miberri, Western Australia.

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