Experienced South American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

In 1966, the armament of the United States entered tank easy class, "Sheridan". Military spices in the world were pretty much surprised by the new tank. Tank itself has had drawbacks as well as benefits:
— Base case — duralumin alloys;
— armament: 152mm caliber gun and anti-tank launcher with ur "Shilleyla";
— movement by aircraft;
— possibility of landing the plane.

Experienced American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

These solutions embodied in the "Sheridan", was a new approach for the tanks of light class of the United States and its allies. And although the latest data solutions are not as pretty as it seemed in the beginning, "Sheridan" was the first light tank analogue Russian PT-76. We are interested in it because he was "snatched" the right to manufacture and supply to arms from a light tank T92.

The development of light tanks in the United States has gone the traditional route — increasing the caliber of the main gun, with a light tank was getting heavier and heavier, yet caught up in weight traits mullion tank, behind him on all other features. The last was a light tank T49, received gun caliber 90mm and weight of not less than 25 tonnes. Tank tests have shown excellent results, but the weight, weakness, armor and ammunition in store, brought to naught, all attempts to modernize the traditional method of a light tank.

Because not surprisingly, that in 1952 the United States announced a competition to create a light tank, presenting to the stringent requirements. The new tank is designed to change the M41 light tank. The main requirement — the weight of the car must not exceed 20 tons, slightly later than the requirements for weight machines grow — light tank had to weigh less than 18 tons. It was proposed to establish the caliber 90mm gun, which would newcomer light tank armor to resist the whole, existing in-service possible opponent, but the calculations have shown that comply with this requirement will be impossible. The main gun caliber choose 76mm, but with automatic loading (automatic).

The competition brought together 10 half-ka projects a light tank from different manufacturers. By mid-1953 it was selected the three most promising projects, which continued role in the competition:
— First project — the development of the company «Cadillac Motor Car Division». Received the title of T71. The relatively light at 17 tons with a gun T185 76mm. Cannon — Former M32, get the device loader. The crew of four people. Body armor — like the M41. 570 liters of fuel. a 260 km course;
— Second project — the development of Detroit Arsene. The tank weighing 18 tons, 76mm cannon with autoloader, ammunition 60 rounds, the crew of 3 persons, body armor similar to the M41, the engine of 340 hp;
— Third project — T92.

Experienced American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

Project T92
Light tank design company «AAI». According to the draft, the weight of the tank less than 17 tons. 76mm main gun paired with a 7.62mm machine gun. Installed on the remote machine gun carriage, shifted forward. It is not possible to increase the height of the tower and the tank as a whole. The crew of four men — commander, gunner, gunner, loader and driver-mechanic. Gunner with the commander of a right / left side of the gun, in addition emerged from their machine-gun turrets with large-caliber machine guns. The commander placed the loader. Place the driver-mechanic — in the nose of the tank to the left of the power plant. The engine is installed «AOI-628-1." CAT-HT-300. Suspension — four support rollers paired, the last — the guide and front drive wheel. Suspension — torsion balance-.

In the middle of 1954, a decision on the construction of models of 3 tanks. Seasoned tanks at 2 instances that required to build the company «AAI», obtained the title of T92.

In late 1954 and the first 1955 of spices are made in many configurations project T92. The most important of them touched the chassis, which receives support rollers. With these changes are built seasoned standards. First, in November 1956 experienced a light tank at number 9V1281 comes to the landfill. Due to the unavailability of the turrets on the first trial, he was without a machine-gun turrets. Second reference experienced at number 9V1282 arrived at the training ground in the middle of 1957. He was well equipped in accordance with the project. The tests showed a sufficient result for the decision to launch the tank in the series.

Experienced American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

The device T92
The body is made from rolled sheets and castings welded among themselves. Due to the introduction of a light alloys and large tilt angles in the development of body parts he had all less than 17 tons. Were used aluminum alloys and fiber reinforced plastic. MTO tank made in the right side of the nose. On the left side is installed auxiliary power with Accum. Next was located the driver-mechanic who was secured M17 periscopes in excess of 4 units, with optional infrared M19. To increase the security in the event of an emergency under the driver's seat provides emergency hatch.

Experienced American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

CAT XT-300 provides motion at eight gears — 2 6 forward and reverse. Before boeukladki were installed myagenkie 280 liter fuel tanks in 2 pieces. Suspension — Front drive wheel, 4 support on a personal torsion suspension. 1 and 4 were used as a skating rink sloths with additional shock absorbers. Crawler metal with rubber pads width of 40 cm and a length of almost 10 meters. There were spare truck attached to the turret.

To enter and exit in case there were double doors at the rear of the tank and hatches in the bow. The door on each half had a monitoring device. T92 was very large for a light tank turret ring 2.26 meters. T185E1 76mm cannon mounted on the outer carriage, which was mounted on the center, which is located on the edges of machine-gun turrets. Above the main instrument is paired with him 7.62mm machine gun. In the machine-gun turret mounted 12.7mm machine gun (commander) and 7.62mm (gunner), 2 periscope, 4 observation periscope sighting device and for firing a machine gun. The angle of rotation of towers 194 degrees. Management of machine-gun and the main tower, also pointing guns aimed vertically with the introduction of electronic drive, and had a hand pointing mode. Angles pointing guns vertically — from 10 to 60 degrees.

The tower part was 6 observation devices. Before the machine-gun turrets were mounted M16 periscopes for the main gun. I Gunner M16 was paired with a telescopic sight.

Loading the gun carried by hand or automatic loading.
Ready to fire ammunition — 7 at the store, one in the charging device. Ammunition — boeukladki aft of 28 shots in the tower of the 24 shots. The sleeves were thrown out after a shot by spetslyuchki in the tower.

The fate of T92
Although the car recommended to serial on the trials had revealed a number of shortcomings. Only the results of tests conducted over 50 design improvements and equipment of the tank. In 1957, the funding allocated to the creation of pre-production tanks in the amount of 2 units. Funds are spent on the improvement of the first 2-prototypes. In 1958, the building was planned 3 and 4 standard T92 with the introduction of configurations at the stage of creation. But the plan did not materialize and was given all the fault becomes a Russian floating easy tank under the title of the PT-76.

Experienced American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

The emergence of disk imaging in the development of Russian Union of floating tank just leads to a revision of the creation of light tanks and existing programs from viz. Military take the decision to develop a floating light tank. This is the end of the project T92 because it make a floating tank, there was no power, without losing all of this the majority of acquired advantages. In the middle of 1958 programm creation of a light tank is one hundred percent stops. Fate point above the light tank T92. Built two prototype standard T92 a couple of years have been used in different trials. Some of them are currently in the tank museum exhibit.

The main properties:
— total weight — 16.3 tons;
— booking — bulletproof;
— engine — AOJ-628 carburetor;
— motor power — 310HP;
— tank crew — 3 persons;
— fuel tanks — 2H280 l.;
— the maximum speed to 65 km / h;
— armament: T185E1 76.2mm, 12.7mm machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun;
— ammunition — 60 rounds.

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