Farewell to the Russian Academy of Sciences

It starts with a radical reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences

It is time to speak the truth openly and impartially. Today, officials brought up in the past two decades in a myriad of, celebrate the victory. They managed to finally win her over the last island of intellect and reason in Russia — over Academy of Sciences. We plunge into the Middle Ages, the Inquisition and bureaucratic, incompetent, but cruel, impudent, and all acts of immorality.


In great secrecy was preparing a blow to our Academy. In the depths of the ministries and departments preparing the so-called "reform of science." The main condition of this work: to make sure that the scientists about what did not guess and do not have time to do anything to prevent it. And the officials did it! At the meeting, the government adopted a decision on their fate, and they learned about it from the programs on television and news reports. Is the main enemies of Russia is now to be considered is the scientific community, because it need not be, and should be applied to strikes suddenly and irreversibly?


The fate of the three Academies — Russian Academy of Sciences, Medical and Agriculture, a decision about their union, but by scientists themselves do not even consulted, and the presidents decided not to invite to the meeting, they say, and will manage without their opinions …


By the way, do they know the current members of the government, why in our country have been created this academy, what guided their predecessors when they made the decision to create them!? I am convinced that even the present Minister of Livanov, famously reasoning about the fate of prominent people in the country (I mean the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and assessing their contribution to science, has no idea about it. The man, who was never elected a member of the Academy for modest scientific achievements over the post of rector of one of the hundreds of universities, allows itself to assess the work of thousands of people involved in the glory of our Motherland.

On the "reform of the science" say nothing. It simply does not. Is rejected from the Academy of Science of its property, material and financial resources, which are transmitted in a certain agency of the Government. And that it will now determine what areas of science should be preferred and which should be encouraged.


Experiments called "Nanotechnology" and "Skolkovo" clearly show how dangerous for science when it is taken officials.


Ideas immediately turn into cash flowing into their pockets, and to pay for services mythical swindlers who flooded the country up to the State Duma (the examples are well known).

In fact, the reforms should talk to themselves, and it is time, finally, some of them to give an accurate estimate.

Officials have taken (the same ones that are reforming the science) of school and higher education. Innovations there have meant that we have a generation of illiterate … with higher education diplomas are sold in subway stations, and they often correspond to those obtained in numerous universities … Not because it is now a fashionable two "higher" education?

"Reform of the village" has led to the fact that, it appears that now has to be brought more food than ever before, and now it is time to talk about the security of the country …

"The reform of forest management" leads to a catastrophic state of the main wealth of Russia, there is not only a fantastic thriving poaching, but the raging fires, pest outbreaks, which struggle is not conducted.

"The reform of the army," as it is known, has led to the fact that the organizers have to sit and write poetry under house arrest …

"Reform in medicine" — a current epidemic of meningitis and death of children …


Maybe it's time to stop with the "reforms" to see what we have ponadelali and determine who is worthy to carry them out?


As you know, the global crisis has affected particularly in Russia, we dramatically increased the number of millionaires and billionaires. Attempt to reform science in Russia as proposed by the government, of course, will dramatically increase the number of them.


Vladimir Gubarev — writer, science writer

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