Five helicopters of the future, according to Forbes from the third largest manufacturer in the world

With what is the third largest manufacturer of helicopters in the world will conquer the market in the future?

  • Five helicopters of the future, according to Forbes
  • Five helicopters of the future, according to Forbes


The five helicopters entered the lungs of the future multi-purpose machine Ansat and Ka-226Taverage multifunctional Ka-62winner of five world recordsMi-38 and upgraded transport and passenger Mi-171A2.

Development: 1994
Stage of the project: the test in 2013
Capacity: 1.3 ton
Passengers: 8

Light helicopter "ANSAT", capable of carrying up to 8 passengers or 1.3 tons of cargo, designed by the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP). The first prototype was created in 1997, in 2004, began serial production. Since then, the plant produced 20 cars with electronic control system, which was decided to be replaced by hydro-mechanical. Tests of the first experimental helicopter with a new control system will begin in the second half of 2013.

Developed by modification of the Ka-226 1997 года
Kamov Design Bureau
Stage of the project: the certification in 2013
Capacity: 1.2 ton
Passengers: 7

Light helicopter Ka-226T (capable of carrying up to seven passengers or 1.5 tons of cargo) — modification of Ka-226, which created the Kamov Design Bureau in 1997. In autumn 2013, according to the plans, the helicopter will be fully certified. Thanks to the modular design can be used for rescue in distress or to become emergency medical help patrol the specially protected areas and special units were landed on unprepared for this site, to transport cargo on the external load or inside the cabin.

Development: 1990
Kamov Design Bureau
Project status: production in 2015
Capacity: 2 tons
Passengers: 15

Average Ka-62 (15 passengers or 2 tons of cargo) is being developed by "Kamov" since 1992. The full-size mock-up was first shown in 1995, and then work on this project were rolled up because of lack of funds. Re-presentation took place in 2012, already under the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". According to the approved plans, the first flight of the Ka-62 will be held in the summer of 2013, the first deliveries will begin in 2015. We already have the first helicopter customer — Brazilian company Atlas Taxi Aereo.

Development: 1987
Project status: production in 2015
Capacity: 6 tons
Passengers: 30

Designing medium multipurpose helicopter Mi-38 (up to 30 passengers or 6 tons of cargo) was started in 1987 to replace Mi-8/Mi-17, mass production planned to establish in 1998. On today completed the third prototype assembly of the prototype, which is soon to be transferred to the developer helicopter — the Mil KB for flight tests. At LSC collect the fourth prototype. Serial production of the Mi-38 in Kazan is scheduled for 2015.

Developed by modification of the Mi-8, 1961,
Project status: production in 2015
Capacity: 5 tons
Passengers: 24

Average multipurpose Mi-171A2 (up to 26 passengers and 5 tons of cargo) — a modification of the Soviet Mi-8, the production of which was established back in 1965 (has since been released 12,000 Mi-8, and their modifications). An ongoing assembly of the first prototype of the Mi-171A2. At the final stage of assembly is a new avionics, new avionics, new engines installed VC-2500. It is assumed that the first prototype will be available in August of this year. Certification of the helicopter is scheduled for the end of 2014, mass production in 2015.

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