From the taps in Kaluga is water with an unpleasant odor


Kaluga. December 19. Interfax Center — Tap water in almost all districts of Kaluga from Sunday evening has acquired an unpleasant odor chloride for some strange reason, so far.

According to "Interfax", the press service of the Company "Kaluga Regional Water Treatment" (included in the CC "Rosvodokanal"), a possible cause could be a salvo thrown into the river Oka chemicals or fertilizer runoff from fields. At the moment, the exact cause of the incident is established.

"Experts of our lab for every hour that selection and analysis of water for 85 indicators, including chemical, radiological and microbiological investigations. Currently, drinking water complies with Sanitary and is safe for human health, "- said the representative Kalugaoblvodokanala.

According to him, a characteristic odor in drinking water can be observed even in two to three days. Water utility experts recommend kaluzhanam boil water before use.

However, on a number of core enterprises to Kaluga factory radio workers urge caution. In particular, the "Kaluga Turbine Plant" was disseminated about the "accident at water utility networks in connection with the entry of sewage" and the need "to use tap water only for technical purposes."

The regional management of Rospotrebnadzor refrained from comment until, explaining that it is not ready to test results of water.

Source: Interfax Center

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