Guns record of U.S. Black Friday: pistols and shotguns against Obama, the UN, and zombies

Not so long ago in the United States underwent a so called "Black Friday": The sale of shares in a day full of everything from televisions and juicers to firearms. That's just what the last we talk now.

The fact that the implementation tool in "Black Friday — 2012" beat record share sales last year. Special demand advantage, still, guns. In general, tools and other people bought a lot. According to the FBI disk imaging of stores in one day on November 23 received 154,873 applications for arms deals, which is 20% higher than it was in the "Black Friday" in 2011 (129.166 applications for verification).

Guns record of U.S. "Black Friday": pistols and shotguns against Obama, the UN, and zombies

Shira Goodman of the movement «CeaseFirePa» (Philadelphia), acting against gun violence, says that, in her opinion, the massive decision to purchase handguns were caused by fears of a possible introduction of stringent U.S. laws in 2013:

"There were a lot of messages that could spell the re-election of President Obama, but so far no action is taken …"

Mike Opelka, an analyst «The Blaze», writes, that the total amount of sales in physical stores (ie, outside the web of trading venues) showed a small decline compared with the "Black Friday" in 2011. Analyst firm «ShopperTrak» stated that buyers left 11200000000. $ In physical stores in the "Black Friday", which is 1.8% less than the cost in the respective day of the year.

But the fall has not touched a "very specific area of the retail business," writes journalist — namely, trading instrument. According to the State Organization for sport shooting (NSSF), sale instruments set a new record, showing an increase of 20%. Growth in sales of pistols was so great that many retailers are said to extend the waiting time for the processing of the FBI (background check on the buyer to identify a criminal past). 154,873 applications — a measure of only the 1st day or sales (November 23). The bar chart shown below, you can clearly behold the growth spurt of sales tools in the "Black Friday — 2012".

Guns record of U.S. "Black Friday": pistols and shotguns against Obama, the UN, and zombies

On Saturday night, Robert Barnett, the owner of the gun shop in Huntsville, Ala., confirmed that the process of data validation, which usually takes 2-3 minutes, took more time Friday: about 15-20 minutes. Point is that application national system for instant check of criminal information (The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS) is given over the phone. 8-9 employees Barnett was treated with 4-5 applications at once, but just could not get through: the room was occupied.

According to Barnett, a lot of times his staff tried to dial the number of NICS, but all the time heard a "busy". This was due to the inflated demand for tool in the "Black Friday."

Pryutt Jim, the owner of the gun shop in Texas, commented on the rise in demand as follows:

"When Obama guns are just like hot cakes. Whenever the president says something about the weapons of the implementation of this instrument simultaneously jump. "

Journalist «The Blaze» asked the FBI to prove the number of applications and checks. Steven Fisher of the Office of Public disk imaging FBI has provided the following edition of clear evidence to verify the claims.

"Black Friday" in 2012 (November 23) — 154,873. "Black Friday" in 2011 (November 25) — 129,166. Growth of more than 20 percent.

Saturday, November 24, 2012 — 88,419. Saturday, November 26, 2011 — 59,957. Growth is simply stunning: a 47% higher number of applications of the previous year.

Sunday, November 25, 2012 — 40,131. Sunday, November 27, 2011 — 26,069. Increase by more than 50% compared to the prior year.

Total output for the specified days of 2012 has been tested and processed 283,423 applications. In 2011 — 215,192, respectively. Growth of more than 30% over the year.

Maybe, says journalist Jim Pryutt quite right in his own estimation capabilities president encourage the Yankees bulk purchases of firearms …

Darin Kendall, manager of retail sales tools from a shop in Ogden, Utah, reads:

"People always think that someone might limit their rights — on the same purchase guns — and because I think they go to the shops just automatically."

This store sales growth compared with the previous "Black Friday" was 40%.

Analyst Chris Daniels knows exactly what triggers the Yankees for the purchase of tools, except for discounts in the "Black Friday": ladies dread decrees Obama and danger … a zombie invasion.

Lady with a rifle in the gun shop says:

"I'm afraid of the invasion, but … If that happens, nibudt I can protect themselves, their own kids and their own home."

Wade Gagran, trader instrument of Bellevue, is that people buy guns and other tools as fear of legal configurations. Completely may be, Obama will try to impose restrictions on trade, and even a ban. People make tool, yet nothing has changed.

Another inhabitant of Bellevue, Dave Uokman believes that enhance the implementation of a broker among the rest of the fashion zombies.

Browser «USA Today» Kevin Johnson writes, that the FBI is not tracking down the actual sales tools. Because the number of firearms sold in the "Black Friday", probably higher than the number of applications as a single purchase of a single buyer may include several units of firearms.

Many dealers they say that the continued growth in sales of guns explained by a number of reasons, but first increase in the number of buyers of women and the horrors before lawmakers in the second term of the Obama presidency may impose more stringent laws regarding the purchase and carry guns. They say even the probable attempt to resume the ban on combat weapon.

Don Gallardo, manager of a large store in Phoenix, says that in this year of the assault rifles, shotguns and long-barreled guns (the proportion of 62%) overshadowed the Friday of the guns.

In Texas in Austin gun shops have seen a lot of strong women. Traders explain this by the fact that as soon as the ladies are very enthusiastic sports shooting.

Paul Joseph Watson ( Sees the reason for the sharp increase in demand for a weapon of some pre-election promises of Obama.

During the presidential debate, Barack Obama said the likely ban on s
ales of military weapons. The activists of the opposition, the journalist writes, immediately saw in this the first step on the road to the control of the instrument.

Obama also noted that the policy of granting people the right to keep and carry guns will also be updated. He had read about it in the past year, at a meeting with a lawyer Sarah Brady. Then he assured Sarah that the control of firearms is on the order of the day or it.

But this is only the "home front" of the problem, according to P. Watson. The Obama administration is willing to sign a global agreement on trade instrument of the United Nations which may completely ban the sale of guns in the United States.

The final discussion of an international treaty on trade instrument (ATT) will be held in March next year. In Section III, Watson observes, there is a provision under which, if a Member State can not legally get rid of the guns belonging to the personal parties, the customs, the police and the intelligence oversight, as well as overall control of arms in the country will be organized under the auspices of Special Council, acting under the authority of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs. And that is what, says Watson

"Opens the door to the UN peacekeeping force, which will be the disarming of American citizens."

The said contract was signed in July 2012 in New York: it is not supported by the U.S., our homeland and China — the leading manufacturers and exporters of armaments. But on Nov. 7 held vote for the conduct of the March 2013 conference on the Arms Trade Treaty. Representatives of the United States voted in favor of holding the conference, but with the very mechanism of acceptance of a contract shall be removed until disagree. Typically, three years back the United States was almost the main opponent to sign MTDO, and now here's surrender their position.

Perhaps companion Watson, referring to the future of the UN peacekeepers disarmament of the American people, mocks by some South American laws in recent years — in particular over the authorizing act of National Defence (NDAA), which will soon be extended for 2013 year. According to this act, the case of domestic terrorism investigations and interrogations in the United States may be transferred without trial in the hands of the military. The law allows you to remove the case from the relevant legal function and life detain at least some people. In order to restrain the government approval is necessary only that such and such people — spies or terrorists. The very existence of similar laws should be to put the UN on the idea that the population of the United States in droves prone to terrorism, and the only way to calm him down — it's completely disarm him. Against the background of procurement by the Department of Homeland Security United States 1.45 million rounds (within 5 years), each more or less progressive South American journalist becomes clear that the Obama administration prefers to suppress unarmed people, not "militants" who, Having seen the movie about zombies, will be able to pair with the wives lie down with the "Saiga" on the barricades, beating well unconstitutional attack police.

Gun, for example, it would take Texas and Louisiana, which, under the separation of electrical petitions states have long collected the required number of signatures. No wonder Tom Head, chief administrator of the 1st Texas neighborhood, in public, through the press, warned Obama is the likely civilian war in the event of the latter's re-election. This man is clearly given to understand that the need to prepare for the "worst" to "civil mess, a civilian disobedience" and perhaps even "war". Head Tom Watson much earlier journalist claimed that the insurgency disaffected Obama Texans will be to suppress the soldiery of UN peacekeeping. But the brave Texan of Mr Lubbock County is not going to indulge in his home state of war:

"… So, I'll get up in front of their armored personnel carrier and say," Man, there's nothing here for you to do. "

So Makarov, "Black Friday"Overload the NICS, substantiated one: Americans do not want to part with the gun. They are willing to take the pistols, rifles and shotguns, and are willing to take a lot of them. And before peacekeepers from the UN on orders Obama will make the U.S. a large federal gulag, they will have to deal with such strong guys like Texas Tom and his companions hot.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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