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4.02.12.Plohaya ecology in Donetsk region — this is not a disaster, not a tragedy or disaster.

This is a bonanza for resourceful uhvatistyh officials and business leaders. That is to say, an inexhaustible mine, who for twenty years for the shadow core earnings in the industry. And the worse is breathing ecosystem Donbass, the greater are the pockets of public servants and moneybags.

Conspiracy theory — nothing else! What we, mere mortals, only remains angry that rend the air, was worth the power to curse and uncomplainingly live out their days in the waste mononitrohlorbenzola, ammonia, sulfur dioxides, mercury and coal dumps.

For journalists living in the Donbas, writing about the environment has become, read already, good form. If there is no news — take for the environment, not lose. Write famously (say, people see what monsters — pollute), and, at the same time, loyal (not to quarrel with potential advertisers). Gorlovchane agree nodded, some even leave a comment — at the end and our struggle for its environmentally-friendly future. Say, hopelessness smell? Alas, only in what chemists do not smell. But that does not smell, then gradually reward us souvenirs for oncologists.

Of course, manufacturers do not like to expose their companies' eco-villains "(let the" crime "even felt naked nose). But so far off the filter with "dripping" money, the buzzing of the media can be ignored. However, then gorlovchane suddenly discover that their city one of the three towns of Ukraine with a very high level of air pollution. What this morning and told gidrometrologi Central Geophysical Observatory MOE, conducted late last year of the study of the atmosphere in 53 Ukrainian cities.

Emissions to air in the summer

According to research, in Gorlovka atmosphere "4.5 times higher than the rate of ammonia." And it against heroic statements press service of the board of directors of Group DF Dmytro Firtash, saying "Styrene" launched in the third unit for the production of ammonia, idle for three years. What a joy — the largest chemical company Horlivka came to 100% capacity utilization? Every day, it produces 4.5 tons of liquid ammonia, 3 tonnes of urea and 2.2 tonnes of ammonium nitrate? Are you happy? Personally, I compared the news, do not feel so rapid delight.

"Social policy has changed and changed for the better. Purchased new buses for delivery workers, after two years reactivated very roomy dining room, assisted urban medical and educational institutions, "- at the beginning of this year we reported to administration officials PJSC" Concern "Styrene". But it is on the same side of the scale, on the other hand — the pollutant emissions (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia), according to the rules — at night. We seem to be saying, "What do you bother? Well, we do have emissions, but we are helping the city. Lived something to do with pollution and will live on — the main production ». But can not help and the city, and reduce emissions? Or are the two mutually exclusive?

By the way, at the beginning of this year, the Cabinet considered a curious project — to increase the standards of acceptable content of ammonia in the air 2 times. Can "King of nitrogen," Mr. Firtash (a close friend of Viktor Yanukovych), that's handy to fight for our environment — legislation to raise the bar allowable emissions? No doubt — for checking on his Gorlovsky company employs filters, purifiers and other equipment ekozaschitnoe. But believe if his constant use of the inhabitants of the Kalinin district? Not whether they feel in the morning industrial "incense"?

Kalinintsam and residents of nearby villages generally large "lucky". In fairness, I note that "Styrene" reluctantly, but still trying to introduce measures to protect the environment (think of this flirtation with business partners in the EU). But his coming industrial neighbors such sentiments are not affected. Let us turn our gaze to the heavens illuminating Gorlovskaya enterprise "Istek" familiar to us as Coke. You think I want to think of dumping them in an atmosphere of excess coke oven gas in June last year? What are you! Why talk about the big cat, which could not hide the bag when the bag is bursting at the seams with cats less.

Horlivka Coke

If you've come in the forest belt near the industrial zone Gorlovka coke, I am sure, in the memory imprinted "divine fragrance," which mingled smells of rotten eggs, burnt rubber and rotten vegetables. Of course, landfills are missing, but they can not smell the same way for a few miles away? And rising at intervals of 7-8 minutes clouds of white smoke from the blackened pipes GKHZ as little resemblance to the heavenly shop producing clouds. When looking through the technical literature DonNTU find interesting data: "Emissions from coke production include: carbon monoxide (an order of magnitude of other impurities), coal and coke dust, sulfur dioxide, cyanide, aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia, phenol, hydrogen sulfide (connections are in decreasing order of their content). " Now becoming clear to some of the figures that appeared in the beginning of the year Gorlovskaya media: "The average concentration of pollutants in the ambient air of Gorlovka in December 2011 exceeded the average daily maximum allowed concentration of the dust factor of 2.6, carbon monoxide 1.3 times dioxide Nitrogen 1.3 times, 1.3 times phenol, formaldehyde, 2-fold. "

But slowly descend to the ground and look at the water resources of our city. And not just anywhere, but on the river Korsun (part of which is familiar to us as "Gorlovka sea"). One does not need to be a rocket scientist to guess which of our large enterprise has chosen this shore of the reservoir to facilitate "waste needs." So in the "Great Encyclopedia of Oil and Gas" can be found interesting data, "especially high concentration of phenol in wastewater koksohimichesih plants — up to 20 g / L, and the modern Coke drops a day in water up to 4-10 tons of phenol." While it may be along the shores and beams Korsun pipes really do not belong to anyone. And certainly spew these "middle" drains only purified water.

Mine water to mine them. Izotov

According to official figures, there are 12 seats Gorlovka wastewater discharges from industrial plants. Worst of all is the case with chemical plants, mines Gagarin Komsomolets. Naturally, water bankrupt companies receive no treatment. The result? Poorly predictable. While looking at the cows, tingling summer grass near the "river" Komsomolets, the findings come spontaneously to mind. By the way, for some reason forgot about mine them. Izotov, where the most water form the incredible beauty of the Red Lake and dispensing meadows.

Near the mine pits and heaps them. Rumyantsev

And to be really honest to the end, none of the existing industrial enterprises of the city is not a high level of environmental safety. So, mine included in the SE "Artyomugol" little concerned bank stabilization lagoons and slopes heaps (a vivid example — mine them. Rumyantsev). There is not enough money in the banal building repair and maintenance of mining underground, which is really there to think about the environment. Machine-building plants are still used old blast furnaces, and the production line of the main production plant Nikitovsky alabaster almost impossible to equip an effective system of emission control dust.

What? And, yes — Gorlovka chemical plant. On it's still worth mentioning. Yes, indeed, after pressure from the public, environmentalists and the media on the government here began perezatarivanie MNHB and export, but …. As you know, dozens of graves remain GHZ, which only remembered recently. Do not forget that Gorlovka chemical plant — a huge underground complex warehouses and laboratories. And as the plant is still an enclosed high secrecy, then you and I do not know what is hidden there other than TNT and MNHB. Therefore GHZ was and is our "pyatinogim dog," so exquisitely beat in the novel by Victor Pelevin «Generation P".

Across town from the GHZ is in slumber his fellow-sufferers — Nikitovsky Mercury Plant (NRC). Eighteen months ago, the regional authorities have tried to make it close to mine number 2 bis "Second Gorlovskaya man-made disaster." "In case of failure of artificial channel Seversky Donets near mercury can get into drinking water. Also can be submerged several coal mines … Hour "X" when the accident can happen, desperately close … to save the mine need not amount to 1.5 million, as it was in 2002-th, and 10 times as much as minimum ", — said deputy chairman of the Donetsk regional council Igor Koval. The city authorities have given the district officials to "development" break the bank … and the "mercurial" again forgotten.

All that helped — at the end of last year bought a new transformer to maintain water pumping. Again, thanks to the hype in the national media. But looks more like a step change dropper seriously ill and not as a comprehensive treatment. The problem is not solved, it is postponed indefinitely. And the fact that we were told about the problems of mine — it's just the tip of the iceberg, and what happens there, under the ground, is not of the mind thing. With specific regard to the NRC, then here we are calm, they say, "observed sanitary zone of 1.5 km to the nearest house, take into account the wind direction that affect the distribution of mercury vapor." And what, I'm sorry, with open mercury quarries, where the stones are lying down with red veins? What is the situation with the metal NRC plundered through gaps in the fence "prospectors"? One thing is clear — "Mercury" for two decades has not become less environmentally friendly company. Talking about it is only the fact that the plant has lost the necessary scientific opportunities for the development of effective and safe technologies, and sanitation waste gas and waste water. Therefore, thank God, that the specter of "radical" passed us …

Now, a little about politics. How to use environmental issues in business against all of us clearly demonstrates the story with "Naftek." Convince its ecological I did not intend, the more smell and black smoke near it clearly indicates the contrary. Curiously different — boom, rising around this company 6 years after its discovery (and in a sanitary canal zone "Seversky Donets-Donbass!"). The occasion was found — November 1 last year, there has leaked oil. The analysis of staff Vodokanal taken from three sewage wells showed content of fuel oil — 29 g / l, at a rate of 1.3 mg / l. But it is so to say, an excuse to start a war. But the true reason for the fight with "Naftek" is quite different. And, apparently, not least in her play money. And as to whom, when and how many did not get — a matter of personal relationships the company's management and the authorities. After opening up the enterprise, local residents were not asked — and if they agree to this neighborhood?

But the "highlight" of the story is quite different. While there is an "oil war" near Ozeryanovki in the vicinity of the former mine 6/7 are located heavy oil reservoirs tend ignite every summer. Government solves this problem easily — and covered them with fragments of the destroyed houses of the village. And, mind you, no hype here raises.

Fuel oil lake near the mine 6.7

Fuel oil lake near the mine 6.7

You want to ask — how do the authorities make their environment? First, the classic version — "closing of the eyes." Thus, in the official records may appear figures on emissions of dust, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, … but no data on the concentration of other harmful substances. Or sinking the brakes explicit environmental violations. For this, in fact, city executive committees receive financial assistance for social programs, of which the officials to "save" a "compensation." Second, the grant for the implementation of eco-programs from international organizations or as government agencies. There is a problem — there are money for their solutions. And what can be written in the program, their familiarization — the masses do not always need to know. Suppose some of those funds will be spent on "monitoring", something — to hoznuzhdy, but something — the creation of the Fund. As a result, for the protection of the environment will remain $ 5 and an air freshener. Third, implementation of environmental protection can be put out to tender to win the "own" ekoorganizatsiya. Power gets — rollback, the organization — funds for the continued existence of inflation and in the press of environmental problems.

What are the company from non-environmental regulations? First, the energy savings on filters and wastewater treatment plants. Second, the savings on treatment and disposal of waste. Third, a bargaining chip with foreign companies who wish to produce on the basis of our companies their products (cost thereof out much cheaper than in the "pure" Europe). Fourth, funds from environmental articles are easily translated into personal accounts.

Finally, the environmental organizations. The main disadvantage of these two movements in Gorlovka — bloating problems and weak activity. And if the first only plays into the hands of environmentalists and attracted national media with the public ("Yell louder, maybe someone will hear"), the second is a consequence of the location in the "boonies". On the negative side ekoorganizatsy you can guess that yourself — concealment of certain facts, funding from third parties, defending foreign interests. On the other hand — how can they survive in a city where every official and the rich man know each other? How to fight, if tomorrow someone will come "out there" and clearly hints that you can casually move the truck, and family — an abyss without a trace? And it is worth to pay tribute to Vladimir Yushchenko and his companions, who were able to move the environmental "Stone of Sisyphus" Horlivka forward. However, uncertainty and non-participation in solving problems with large companies suggests that their forces are not so great, and the powers that be suprotiv they are unlikely.

So let's be honest at least set ourselves — we live in the "dirty", from the position of a variety of sources of pollution, the city of Donetsk region. And the reason for this is that it is, we allow businesses and government to make us money. You say no?

Egor Voronov, especially for "Gorlovsky Media Portal"

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